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“Because Trust has to be Earned!”

It’s really easy to launch a Hemp CBD Oil website and start selling products.  But, its not so easy to make sure that your customers know how to buy cbd oil so that they’re happy with their purchase and get the desired results from their CBD Hemp Oil products.

How To Buy CBD OilI’m Eliot Harris, one of the business partners of WellSpring CBD.  And, I started out with Hemp (CBD) Oil products most likely just like you are.  After hearing about it in the news, I went online and started checking it out.  But, it took me many hours and many websites to try to figure out what I should buy.  Then, I just kind of jumped in and bought some stuff, hoping to see good results, but not really knowing.  I was lucky.  The approach I took ended up working for me and I’ll describe that in a bit of detail down below to help you know how to buy cbd oil.  After getting my 3 different Hemp (CBD) Oil products which I originally ordered in drops and gum and thick, pure oil, and getting good results, I decided I wanted to help others sift through all the online stuff so they could make good buying decisions based on their needs.

Now, before I go any further, I must point out that because the FDA prevents me or our company from making any health or medical claims about CBD, no where on here will you see us tell you what CBD Hemp Oil can cure, if anything, or the effects you may or may not feel.  Also, because everyone’s situation and bodies are different, there is no way to give effective serving sizes beyond what the manufacturer provides, which we DO post on each of the Product Info Pages, typically towards the bottom.  Hemp (CBD) Oil products are essentially the same approach as if you take any other herb.  While we humans have been using various herbs for years to cure or enhance certain health related issues, our government prevents us from being able to make any straightforward claims.

With that out of the way, let’s begin….

1. CBD Hemp Oil is legal in all 50 states and is able to shipped to all 50 states.  You can do your own research to find hundreds of sites that confirm this.  Here’s what you need to know about why its legal:

CBD OilCannabidiol, a.k.a. “CBD”, can be extracted from hemp and it can be extracted from cannabis (marijuana).  Regardless of where the CBD comes from, its the same molecular structure and CBD is CBD.  Now, due to our screwy laws, CBD from cannabis is not legal in many of the United States. But, CBD from hemp IS LEGAL in all 50 states.  So that we can support ALL of our customers regardless of their location, we carry ONLY Hemp (CBD) Oil products.

2. Hemp (CBD) Oil products will not get you “high” as most of us know to happen from cannabis.  The “high” effect comes from a different chemical found only in cannabis.  So, CBD Hemp Oil products are not psychoactive meaning, you won’t get high from using them.

3. Unfortunately using Hemp (CBD) Oil products requires some trial and error to find out IF they will work for whatever purpose you’re seeking them for and, if they do, HOW MUCH CBD per serving is needed.  This is because we are all seeking these products for different reasons and all of our bodies are different.  This is where I can best describe the initial purchase approach I used and how you might go about making your first purchase:

My first purchase was for:

I’ll try to keep this simple to make a point:  The PlusCBD Oil drops that I bought had a potency of 1.25mg of CBD per serving;  The CanChew CBD Gum had a potency of 10mg of CBD per serving.  And, the Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) had a potency of 90mg of CBD per serving.  Quite a range!

How To Buy CBD Hemp OilI started out by chewing a piece of gum in the morning and having the drops in the evening before bed.  This was a total of 11.25mg CBD per day.  I could certainly tell a difference.  But, I wouldn’t suggest it was the relief I was hoping for.  So, I then tried a serving of the RSHO in the morning and again in the evening before bedtime.  This was a total of 180mg CBD per day.  I could very much tell the difference!  I had no ill effects at all.  The pain I sought the CBD for was virtually gone.  There were other positive effects that, because of the FDA, I won’t go into.  But, I knew I couldn’t afford the expense of that high of dosage.  So, I settled down into a routine of taking one 90mg dose of CBD in the morning, then “boosting” its effects by using the drops, or the gum later in the day.  I did this until I was out of the RSHO CBD.  I then started experimenting with various drops and found that somewhere around 15-20mg of CBD by drop form in the morning and again in the evening was perfect for me.Having this range of products to experiment with worked for me.  And, I truly don’t know of any other way that you can realistically approach finding out how much CBD Hemp Oil you will need for your situation.  My recommendation to everyone, if they can afford it, is to try this 3 level approach:  buy one low dose item, like the drops; 1 mid-dose item like the gum; and 1 high dose item like the highly concentrated CBD Hemp Oils.   This will allow you the ability to adjust your serving size until you find a happy medium.


Now that we’ve been around for a few years and I know a lot more than I did back then, I can offer the following info to help you figure out how to buy cbd oil online.

Bottom line, virtually all the Hemp products we sell (not including CBD Crystals or Isolates) all have the same basic “active” ingredient as their base:  hemp extract.  Whether you use a Lotion, Drops, Capsules or any other form, they all have hemp extract as their main ingredient.  And, its the hemp extract that contains the CBD and other cannabinoids and phytonutrients and such.  So, regardless of which product type you choose, you’re still getting the hemp extract.

Now, each brand typically uses hemp extract from different plants.  So, there can be some variation between brands, as the CBD to other cannabinoids ratios will all vary.  CBD and the other cannabinoids all work together to create a synergistic effect, which your body may respond to differently than someone else’s body.  And, many people DO report a difference of effects between the brands.  So, you may find that on brand DOES, in fact, work better for you than another.

Similar to the brand scenario discussed above, while a lotion by a particular brand will typically have the same kind of hemp extract as that brand’s drops do, your body may respond differently to one over the other.  So, there IS some “testing” that has to be done to allow you to find what brings you the greatest sense of well-being.

Finally, here is the best info we can give on how much CBD one might want to take or how to get the amount someone needs:

First, visit this page that has been shared with us by a customer who found it.  It is not our webpage, but we have gotten much positive feedback from our customers who have used this info.  You can access this page here —–>  HOW MUCH CBD SHOULD I TAKE?

Second, here’s important info about knowing how you can get what you need when you use the various product types:

Finally, our Frequently Asked Questions page typically answers all the questions people have and many more that they never would have thought to ask.  You can access this page here ——>  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.

I truly hope this information helps.  And, remember, after clicking on a product to review the info, scroll down a little and you will a fairly detailed description about the product.  This is the best way to compare the various products.

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