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Posted by Administrator on 10/28/2015
It seems that almost every CBD Hemp website you go to these days has one or more products being offered as a CBD Dab Wax.  But, upon closer look, its easy to see that most of them really are NOT dab waxes.

The thing is this:  many customers want a real CBD Dab Wax for their smoking enjoyment.  But, CBD manufacturers find that it can be quite expensive to make a real wax product for their product line.  The equipment is not cheap and the labor is not minimal.  What's more, there is already a product that is "dabbable" in the hands of the manufacturers, so there is little incentive on their part to spend the money necessary to make a real dab wax.  Most manufacturers just market their base CBD Hemp Extract, the black gooey paste, as a dab product, and some even hide in the word wax here and their throughout their product description so people will think that the product is a wax.  But, in all reality, most of the products being sold are just extracts.  They are good, don't get me wrong, but they typically are not as smooth as a wax can be.  They can tend to be a little harsher than what a wax is.

Now, with that being said, Hemp Remedies is one brand that offers a true wax.  Their Hemp Remedies ReLeaf CBD Dab Wax is a great product that is very smooth and customers reorder them by the multitudes.  They currently have a 24% formula that has 240mg of CBD in the 1gram of CBD wax.  They have also had a special batch of 41%, that had 410mg of CBD in the 1gram of product, that sold like mad.  I'm not sure why they haven't released this as a follow up, because I know customers truly want it.

Additionally, our very own Highland Pharms is in the process of reformulating our CBD 180 Hemp Oil Extract into CBD 180 Golden Dab Wax.  CBD 180 has 180mg of CBD in the 1gram of product.  It is not 100% confirmed that we will be able to deliver this yet, but we think it is very likely to be accomplished.  If it is, it seems that it will be available right around Thanksgiving of 2015.  Please stay tuned for more.  We know our customers want this.  And, if we're able to get the formula just right, we will most likely follow that up with CBD 300, a 300mg or 30% formulation.

UPDATE!!!!  Both the CBD 180 and CBD 300 are confirmed and will be available for shipping on Nov 17, 2015.

So, while there is nothing wrong with dabbing a hemp oil extract, for those seeking the smooth enjoyment of a wax, there is no substitute.  That's why we think its important to point out that when searching for a CBD Dab Wax for sale, make sure you're getting truly what you want.  It can be a bit confusing out there.  ALSO, look for the hopefully forthcoming announcement that there is a new formulation for the Highland Pharms CBD 180.  You won't be disappointed!



Date: 11/2/2015
Thanks for the informative rundown on Dab Waxes Eliot. Most,if not all YT Videos about Dabbing are using shatter and wax from home made, or where legal,dispensary purchased Cannabis Extracts. There's not a great deal out there on CBD Dabs,bar the CBDDabber but he uses Pen Style's with domes. He recommeds the Hemp Remedies Releaf as his fave. As for Oil Rigs especially(which I prefer over the Pen Vape) there is really nothing to learn from out there. I'd have to agree that the thicker paste is far harder to Dab efficiently than say the Gold variants,mainly due to less plant materials in the more refined products. A true CBD Wax that has basically the same consitency of Cannabis Shatter or Wax would be excellent!!! I've found that Low Temp Dabbing works with a Ti or Quartz Nail pretty good with the Green thicker paste,but in order to really get the most from the Dab Rig, a Carb Cap is essential. A dome and nail setup tends to let some of the precious goodies out through the top of the dome. Please keep us updated on the progress of your Highland Pharms Wax mate! The stronger stuff sounds great for instant pain and inflammation relief. Cheers mate and thanks again for your help and these blogs :)

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