CBD Oil Drops

Posted by Administrator on 5/6/2015
CBD Oil Drops
CBD Oil Drops are easily the single most popular selling item on our website.  With a multitude of brands, strengths and flavors, people of all sizes and with varying conditions can find a CBD Oil product that is suitable for their situation.

CBD Oil DropsMost people like CBD Drops for a couple of reasons.  First, they are super easy to take.  A few drops under the tongue or in a glass of water and you're done.  They're easy to calculate how many milligrams of CBD you are getting and easy to measure out your dosage.  A few seconds under the tongue or even a quick swallow is all that is needed and you're done.

Second, people generally like the fact that many flavors are available.  From unflavored hemp flavor, to vanilla, peppermint, strawberry...and one of the latest to hit the scenes is CW Botanicals CBD Oil that has a great tasting Chocolate Mint.  It is exceptionally great tasting.  Couple the chocolate mint flavor with a coconut oil base and you really get a great tasting bottle of CBD Oil drops.

But, there are other reasons to consider getting your daily dose of CBD in a drop or tincture.  One is that typically, the CBD is less processed than when it goes into other formulations.  For instance, in edibles, oftentimes, the CBD is heated to temps that begin damaging the molecular structure of the CBD, rendering it less effective, or worse, not effective at all.  CBD Drops are typically not heated very high or overly stirred so that the CBD remains in good shape for your body.

Some of the more popular brands and the reason for their popularity:
If I've missed any reason why you particularly like CBD Oil Drops as your means of taking it, chime in with a comment below.  We do review all comments and look forward to our customers' input on what we should carry and why.

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