CW Botanicals CBD Oil Drops

Posted by Administrator on 10/15/2015
It is no secret that CW Botanicals CBD Oil Drops are wildly popular.  Here's a brief rundown of what most people want to know.....

First, why does everyone know so much about CW Botanicals to begin with?  The answer comes from a little girl name Charlotte.  Charlotte had a form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome which threw her into hour long and 2 hour long seizures.....seizures so horrible her parents were literally scared to death.  What ended up helping her was a strain of medical marijuana that was relatively low in THC (the compound that makes you 'high'), but relatively high in CBD (Cannabidiol).  When taking extracts from this strain of medical marijuana, her seizures got under control.  People began calling this strain "Charlotte's Web".  

That was great for anyone living in a state that permitted medical marijuana.  However, as you know, most states do not. So, for all those "other" people, the Stanley Brothers, owners of the Charlotte's Web strain of mmj, had their strain crossed genetically with hemp, creating a new strain of hemp that is of higher and more purer genetics than most average industrial grade hemp.  The Stanley Brothers began using this new strain of hemp plant to create a hemp oil extract for people to use in all the states where medical marijuana is not legal.  (CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states and even 40+ countries worldwide.)  So, now the well known brand or strain was available for everyone throughout the United States and it has been marketed under the brand CW Botanicals.

So, that's a bit of history, but there's a little more to know.

Since so many people were familiar with the brand, much press hit the internet and TV stations and such and so, now, many people are just as familiar with CW Botanicals Hemp products as they are with the original Charlotte's Web strain of hemp.  The line of products that CW Botanicals offers is mainly focused on CBD Oil drops (there have been capsules and there is also a gel pen, but these are currently minor offerings, albeit quality offerings, but minor in their make up of sales for the company).

The drops, though, have been a little different from most others when they were released.  Most brands put the hemp oil extract into a hemp oil base, thus leaving the product tasting somewhat "hempy" as you might guess.  CW Botanicals put their extract into an Medium Chain Triglycerides oil which had a mellow and smooth base, then they added a light chocolate mint flavor to the CBD Drops.  So, their drops were one of the best tasting available.  They have played with the oil base formulations a little over time, but they all remain of exceptionally high quality, taste and smoothness, so that even children, like Charlotte, can handle taking them.

The CBD Drops are now offered in various concentrations, such as a 1 ounce bottle of 200mg or 500mg or 1500mg of CBD.  Also, they offer a 5000mg, 3.38 ounce bottle for the best value.

These CW Botanicals CBD Drops are easily one of the best selling products in the industry.  Oh, and their hemp, unlike many other brands, is grown mostly right here in the U.S., so they can control all steps of how it is grown and processed.  

So, there you have it......

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