What Are Oral Dispensing CBD Syringes Used For

Posted by administrator on 9/26/2016
There are many uses for oral dispensing CBD syringes. Please note these syringes are intended for oral use only, not for injections. Below is a list of why CBD oil users find them so helpful.

1. You can use oral dispensing CBD syringes to pre-measure very precise dosages of CBD oil days, or even weeks, in advance. By doing so, you'll have peace of mind you are getting exactly the amount of CBD you intended to get. You can also fill the syringes when you have the time to do so and then speed up the process of taking your CBD oil when you're in a rush, such as in the morning when you're getting ready for work or school. This also reduces errors in dosage when you are in a hurry or tired such as when you take CBD oil right before bedtime.

2. Many children now take CBD oil for disorders like ADHD, asthma, Asperger's Syndrome (AS), autism, and pain management for a variety of ailments. However, children often find it more difficult than adults to get the right dosage and to deliver it directly under the tongue. They also often end up spilling a lot of the oil if they try to use a dropper. If you pre-measure out the dosage they need to take in CBD syringes, you can be sure they are getting the right amount and they can learn more easily to put it directly under the tongue.

3. You can pre-fill CBD syringes and then use them to more easily administer CBD oil to your dog, cat, or other pet. It is much easier to slip an oral syringe under a pet's tongue than try to use a medicine dropper as they will have a tendency to want to bite at it and move around.

4. You can use CBD syringes to make filling capsules with oil much easier! Trying to use a medicine dropper to fill capsules can often end up being messy. You may also end up wasting too much of your valuable CBD oil. Using a syringe makes the delivery of the oil much more precise. Using syringes to fill capsules also eliminates the problem of overflow since you can measure out the precise amount you want to put in the capsule before you begin filling. 

5. You can use CBD syringes to fill suppositories to make CBD oil suppositories. These are helpful in reducing menstrual cramps, bloating, and mood swings during a woman's period. Rectal CBD suppositories are sometimes used by people wanting to more directly reach the pelvic region and the gastrointestinal system. In some cases, they are used to more directly access a cancerous tumor.

6. Putting your CBD oil in syringes makes it much easier to transport your CBD oil. Once the cap is on, there is little chance of leakage in your purse, briefcase, computer bag, or backpack.

7. Pre-filled CBD syringes are easy to store in your medicine cabinet. They are also easy to hide in other locations away from pets and children or in your desk at work.

8. Oral CBD syringes help you keep your CBD oil sterile while being stored in precise amounts.

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