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Posted by Administrator on 9/4/2015
Real Scientific Hemp Oil or RSHO is one of the original brands of hemp oil extract made available to the American public.  100% Natural Hemp CBD Oil that has been created with the highest standards of safety and consistency in the industry.

Their Mission is very simple:  To bring high quality hemp oil to the world.  

It doesn't take much more than that to state what they're about and what they're doing.  First, let's look at their viewpoint of hemp:

Hemp is a Super Food:  Hemp Seeds are a complete protein which means they include ALL the essential amino acids, along with Vitamins E and B, helpful fatty acids and are easy on the digestion system.

Hemp is NON-Psychoactive:  Hemp contains only a negligible amount of THC, the naturally occurring compound that, in higher levels, can cause one to feel 'high'.  But, Hemp's exceptionally low levels prevent anyone from feeling 'high', euphoric or groggy.

Hemp is an AMAZING Crop:  Hemp requires very little to no pesticides or herbicides.  Its naturally fast growing and can grow in the most difficult places.  So, it is an abundant plant when allowed to grow freely.  And, there are over 25,000 different uses for this plant!

Hemp is Good for the Soil:  Hemp's ability to fixed damaged environments through stabilize soil, reducing runoff and generally leaving the soil in a better condition than before it was planted, is just one way hemp helps the world.  In fact, true wellness is NOT just about making healthy bodies, but rather its about man and plants and animals and the Earth living with each other, helping each other.

These are all beliefs of Real Scientific Hemp Oil!

Its no wonder that any company with these beliefs would be anything but a company who makes great, helpful well-being products.  And, RSHO offers the finest, most consistent and 100% natural hemp CBD oil in the world!  With state of the art and proprietary technologies along with their thirst for innovation, they remain committed to providing only the finest and highest quality CBD Hemp Oil....period!

Regarding the products of Real Scientific Hemp Oil, while they offer a selection of capsules, tinctures, salves and more, its really their Hemp Oil Extract or Gel that they have become know for.  Specifically, the RSHO Blue Label and RSHO Gold Label Extracts are their best selling products.  The Blue Label keeps more of the natural plant materials in it, while the Gold Label removes much of this leaving an extract that is smoother tasting, typically a higher percentage concentration of CBD and a beautiful gold, silky color.  Neither extract contains any fillers, preservatives or additives.  They are pure and simple:  Hemp Oil Extract.  Nothing more.  The Blue Label is an 18% Concentration, meaning there are 180mg of CBD in 1gram of material and the Gold Label is 25%, or has 250mg in the same amount of extract.

You can find more information and even purchase them at the following pages:

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