HP Moringa Powder Capsules – 120ct


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Highland Pharms Moringa Powder Capsules – 120ct

We have added the Highland Pharms Moringa line of Capsules, Powder and Teas because we feel they are an ideal option. For those seeking all-natural solutions to health conditions need choices. And, oftentimes, the holistic way requires people to try a couple of different options before they find the one that is best for them.

Each Capsule has 380mg of Moringa Powder from leaves. Most people take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening. But, as with all plant based products, you can take what you feel is appropriate for your body.

Moringa leaves have been taken by people in Southeast Asia for centuries to ensure optimum health. Now, people the world over are discovering this exceptionally nutrient dense super food. In fact, this is known as The Single Most Nutrient Dense food on the planet. No other single food comes close. With over 92 nutrients, Moringa brings the body 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory agents along with other various compounds.

Moringa assists the body with exceptional health by providing it the nutrition and energy it needs to do what the body was designed to do – be healthy.

We are prevented by the FDA from making any health claims. But, we can pass along what others are reporting: they take moringa to fight cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, low hormones, infections and so much more. The plant does not directly fight any of these conditions. Rather, the plant provides the body what it needs to maintain the highest possible level of health that it can.

Find out why so many around the world are discovering what Moringa can do for them!

A little about the brand Moringa Caps we carry. The farmer starts by growing GMO Free plants/trees organically in fields that are not treated with harsh chemicals. They harvest the plants and move them through the processing in as low temperature facilities as possible to maintain the freshness and highest potency possible. Then, they package the moringa without any preservatives, chemicals, fillers or glutens. Just high quality, fresh powder for you.

Ingredients: Moringa Tree Leaf Powder, Cellulose Capsules

Highland Pharms Moringa Powder Capsules – 120ct

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Moringa Tree Leaf Powder, Cellulose Capsules

Take one capsule, once or twice daily, or as needed