Texas and CBD Oil

Posted by Administrator on 6/2/2015
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in the Texas Legislature and Governor.  They had a chance to really make a difference in the lives of so many people struggling to get by due to health issues like cancer and epilepsy.  But, instead, they chose to leave Texans on the edge of death, crappy lives or breaking the law to survive.

Texas passed a limited use, limited application CBD Oil legal bill.  So few people will get any benefit of it.  It truly only allows the lawmakers to "ring the bell" that they did it!, while in reality, they did virtually nothing.  Politics as usual.  Thanks a lot!

Yes, Texas lawmakers let down their citizens.  But, of course, the lawmakers did what they did, either due to their own ignorance, due to money in their own pockets or due to their own draconian ways.

You know, I have to ask:  At what point will the government be forced to admit the laws that we currently have that restrict THC and CBD and marijuana and hemp were only EVER instituted because big business didn't want to lose their financial foothold to what hemp promised to do?  Yes, in the 1930's, marijuana was outlawed because farmers finally had a way to harvest hemp in large quantities and that would effectively put the paper and logging industries out of business, along with several others.  That's why marijuana was made illegal.  And, to this day, our government continues to fail us because of their own interests.

At some point, all, or most, Americans and Texans will just say to hell with it and start growing and smoking pot when and where they want to.  I don't think its as far away as many people may believe.  

At least for now, we have access to CBD Oil derived from hemp that IS legal in all 50 states.  Many actually prefer CBD oil from Hemp over CBD from marijuana, but I still believe we should all have a choice.

Thanks for listening.......

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