WellSpring CBD and Green Garden Gold Join Forces

Posted by Adminiistrator on 4/5/2016
One of the nation's leading companies providing CBD Oil products, Green Garden Gold, has partnered with us so that they can expand their online presence.  Green Garden Gold sought us out and requested we carry their CBD products online.  After much research and testing, we have agreed and added their products to our website:  WellSpringCBD.com .  Customer response has been exceptional!

Green Garden Gold is well known in specialty chains of brick and mortar stores as that's where they initially put their focus.  But, when they realized they needed a greater online presence, they contacted us to see if we would carry their products for our customers.  The recognized our online presence.  We thoroughly tested their products and ensured all labeling was proper, ingredients matched the labels, freshness procedures were place and many other variables to ensure that what we are making available to our customers continues to be only the finest.  After rigorous testing, we have graciously added their products to our line up.  

Green Garden Gold manufacturers not just the "same old" CBD oil products that everyone else produces.  For instance, their CBD Oil Drops are made with a vegetable glycerin base.  This is the same base that is used in vaporizer oils (ejuices), thus making their oral drops able to be vaped!  That's right.  Their drops can be taken either orally or used in vaporizer pens.  And, the concentrations of the drops are fairly high, so when comparing them to other CBD Vaporizer Oils on the market, theirs rank among the highest concentrations.  But, what really takes them beyond the "ordinary" are their edibles.  CBD Peanut Butter.  CBD Honey.  CBD Jams and Jellies.  Even, CBD Dog Treats!  Their product offering fits so perfectly into our existing offering we were very glad that everything has been able to come together to allow us to join forces.

"Right away, we knew we had done well to add their products.  It was a matter of hours of going live with their products on WellSpring CBD that the orders began to roll in," said Eliot Harris, partner at WellSpring CBD.  "Our customers have come to trust us and when we put new products on our site that are unique, our customers typically love to try them out!  Green Garden Gold was no different."

We look for many greater things to come from this new partner as they work towards continuing their growth.  More, unique products will surely come as time goes on.  And, we'll be poised with the online presence to help both them expand their online presence and our customers get the unique CBD Oil  products they seek.

Note:  this new partner of ours uses only full spectrum CBD in their products.  This means that not only is there CBD in the product, but also all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial organic components found in the hemp plant.

Be on the lookout for more products coming out.....from Kermit Kare, Highland Pharms, and several others.  Kermit Kare has very high end CBD lotions and salves, as well as drops.  Highland Pharms is to announce a new CBD Lotion and an entirely new line of CBD Vape Oils under a new brand name:  FX CBD Vape Oils.  They're coming soon!

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