Month March 2015

Helping People through CBD Hemp Oil

Fibromyalgia and CBD Hemp Oil.  Chronic Pain and CBD Hemp Oil.   Epilepsy and CBD Hemp Oil.  Cancer.  Anxiety….the list goes on and on. This weekend, I got an email from someone with a horrible fibromyalgia condition asking for input.…

What’s The Cost of CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD Oil for Skin and Hair: How to Incorporate CBD Oil Into Your Beauty Regimen
The CBD market is young and growing every day. With the wide variety of brands and products available, how to you compare them on a dollar for dollar basis? We will take a quick look at how much CBD can cost across the various types of CBD products.

Cancer, CBD Hemp Oil and Luke

If you’ve been following along on Luke’s experience of cleaning the Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO) out of his system after taking it for almost a year and trying CBD Hemp Oil, here’s the latest report from Luke: 3/1/2015 Today was…

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