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What to Know When You Buy CBD Oil

There is a lot of chatter from big buy CBD Oil companies who spend a lot on marketing and advertising and who want your attention so you buy their CBD Oil. But is it the best buy for you?

Fact is, like any industry, there are many companies who sell CBD hemp oil products. And, unfortunately for shoppers, those companies with the biggest marketing budgets often get “heard” the most…..but that doesn’t mean their products are the best. So, what should you look for when buying CBD hemp oil?

First, Quality.

Many companies tend to gloss over the various qualities of CBD available in the market. And, many sell cheaper quality CBD at premium prices. If you want only the top quality CBD in your products, you should look for CBD that has been extracted from hemp using a Super Critical CO2 extraction process. There are several extraction processes, but the Super Critical CO2 process is the best. This process results in CBD that is less damaged than with any other process. And, when using this process, a full spectrum of cannabinoids are maintained for your benefit. Not only CBD is extracted, but also CBC, CBG and CBN, along with 400+ Phytonutrients, B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Omega Oils and much more. Its truly a Full Spectrum for your benefit.

As you might imagine, though, this is not the cheapest means to extract CBD. And, thus, its important to look at price. So, secondly, price is your other factor. But, NOT the overall price for a product. More importantly, you want to look at the “price per milligram (mg) of CBD”. I’ve seen products with the price/mg range from 25 cents to almost 50 cents, or more! That’s an extreme difference.

The price/mg matters because you only need to take so many milligrams of CBD for your particular condition and body size. People often buy a bottle of something and just take whatever the package says. This may or may not be enough and the person is left wondering either “why it didn’t work” or “why they are paying so much”. This is because they are either not taking enough or taking too much. So, by focusing on how many milligrams of CBD you need and factoring in the cost/mg of CBD a product has, you can begin comparing the real cost of a particular product.

So, quality and price are your two factors to heed when shopping to buy CBD Oil products.

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