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Canntab CBD Delivery Patent on Multi-Layer (Bi-Layer) Tablets Gets Approved

Canntab CBD Delivery Patent on Multi-Layer (Bi-Layer) Tablets Gets Approved

I like seeing things like this. Innovation and discovering new ways to deliver the cannabinoids that so many people are deficient in.

Previous to this, I don’t think I had heard of Canntab. Apparently, they have 12 other patents that are pending for different variations on oral delivery of cannabinoids like CBD.

Their particular patent, 10772887, protects their unique design for a multi-layered tablet. One layer is an instant release, and the other is an extended release formulation. And that also applies to bi-layered hard pills that can include terpenes and hemp extracts that include the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

Is this something you would like for us to carry on our site?

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Canntab Therapeutics Limited, Canada’s leading company in research and development of inventive pharmaceutical-grade oral cannabinoid formulations, has announced the approval of a patent in pursuant of the Multi-Layer Tablet Cannabinoid Formulations License they applied in March 2017. The license, which enables the continuation of their research and development of cannabis oral dosage formulations, was awarded under Patent No 10,772,887 . The 18-year license will be valid until the 15th of March 2038. Larry Latowsky, Canntab’s CEO, applauded the move and praised the exclusivity and legerdemain of their patented formulations, which are expected to take to the global market with the certainty of big profits once they hit the stores. It’s the first-ever patent issued out of the 13 that applied. This patent will help to leverage the company’s recognition as the leader in solid cannabis dosages. The patent also permits the development of Instant-Release and Extended-Release multi-layer and bi-layer […]

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