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CBD for Athletes: 10 Ways It Could Benefit You

If you're an athlete, you want to get the best out of your performance, and CBD could be the answer. Here are 10 benefits of CBD for athletes.
December 10, 2018

Did you know that CBD is a great product for various ailments?

In fact, it’s a natural alternative that shows no side effects, especially when compared to the prescription drugs in circulation.

While cannabis use is being associated with “getting high”, this is not the case for CBD. It has benefits that can aid athletes as part of their workout supplements.

What is CBD and how does it work? Interested but still clouded with doubts? The following are the benefits that you gain from using CBD for athletes.

1. CBD Helps with Recovery

One of the medical benefits of CBD is that it helps with recovery. It can aid with making you feel less sore after strenuous activities. Whether you are going for a marathon or on an intense workout, it helps with getting back into condition.

Pain relievers like ibuprofen or prescription medications may have side-effects after prolonged use. With CBD, you have a natural alternative that helps in getting you back on track with fewer setbacks.

2. Alleviates Pain

One of the notable CBD oil benefits is in relieving pain. Compared to prescription drugs, cannabis is an analgesic in nature.

It’s also low-risk and side-effect free. This makes it an excellent choice in alleviating pain during and after exercises.

Pain and post-workout recovery work hand in hand, in this case. Lingering pain may hinder the workout regimen altogether. CBD oil works in managing pain from injuries or for soothing aching muscles and joints.

3. Manages Inflammation

Not only does CBD oil act as a natural painkiller; it’s also capable of acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. It helps prevent joint injury during rigorous activity, as well as reduce swelling.

Both CBD and THC show extreme effectiveness in managing inflammation. This is by exerting effects through induction of apoptosis.

It also inhibits cell proliferation and suppression of cytokine production. It even induces T-regulatory cells.

In fact, there have been studies on how it aids with inflammation. This especially helps people associated with rheumatism. It plays a role in helping control arthritis and its other variants according to a scientific review by Naturalife.

4. Controls Appetite

Are you concerned about weight control and appetite?

CBD is also capable of aiding you in that aspect of your athletic training. CBD oil works great when it comes to curbing your appetite.

It’s interesting to note that cannabis is usually associated with the “munchies”. Although this intense craving to eat is a known side-effect brought about by THC.

CBD, in contrast, does not bring out this side-effect. It does the opposite as it makes you feel full for a longer duration.

5. Aids in Relaxation

One of the benefits in using CBD for athletes is that it helps in sleep and relaxation. Cannabis concentrates are capable of helping athletes relax their muscles. In effect, it grants a more restful sleep and may help insomnia.

For athletes, having enough sleep is instrumental to their peak performance. It allows the muscles to grow and recover, something that is best achieved during deep sleep.

This is not only helpful to athletes but every person as a whole. In fact, our internal organs have designated hours for self-repair. This becomes effective thanks to proper sleep.

6. Decreases Nausea

Another benefit that you can note with CBD for athletes is on how it helps combat nausea during and after exercise. While engaged in strenuous activities like exercises and training programs at a heavy rate, blood flow would tend to divert from the stomach. This causes nausea as a result.

Cannabis has an anti-emetic effect, which helps in reducing nausea experienced by athletes. It is also far more effective when compared to phenothiazines or antihistaminics.

7. Reduces Muscle Spasms

For athletes, muscle spasms are among the common hurdles that they encounter. These are often brought by muscle straining, dehydration, and trauma. These involuntary muscle contractions can bring about immense pain to those afflicted.

Cannabinoids have antispasmodic properties. It helps lessen muscle spasms by reducing the inflammation and the pain experienced. Thus, combating the problems caused by muscle spasms.

8. Boosts Immune System

Cannabinoids have ways that affect the immune system. In its capacity to reduce inflammation, it affects and suppresses the immune system. It helps when the aim is in addressing overactive immune systems, and disorders related to it.

The inverse is also true. As it can bolster the immune system, boosting their effectiveness. This is so when the person has a weaker immune system.

So, to prevent getting sick before heading for an athletic meet, consider having CBD in your kit.

9. Promote Insulin Sensitivity

Another aspect of weight control is insulin sensitivity. This is one aspect you should consider when you are taking on a strict diet but you are still unable to either build muscle or lose weight. You might not be having enough insulin to store glucose as energy.

CBD can help in promoting insulin sensitivity. Low insulin sensitivity tends to store glucose to fat. High insulin sensitivity turns glucose to glycogen. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar as well.

10. CBD Assists with Focus

While it is the last of the CBD health benefits mentioned, it’s not the least. Athletes are prone to game-day stress and anxiety despite their training. With CBD, they find a means to reduce stress and anxiety that they experience.

The side effect of this is that they end up gaining more focus. This may enhance their performance.

While this is interesting to note, CBD has its anti-depressant/anxiolytic properties. This natural alternative is the preferred option.

Compared to CBD, other anti-depressants like Zoloft or Xanax may have harmful effects. These are also habit-forming.

Start Using CBD for Athletes Today!

With CBD oil included in your athlete’s recovery kit, they would reap the benefits that it provides. As a natural pain reliever, these also work as supplements to aid in appetite control and even as a focus inhibitor.

There are many ways you can benefit from CBD in various applications. It goes beyond using CBD for athletes.

To know more about CBD and the products related within our inventory, feel free to contact us. We will help you get started.

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