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How to find and buy quality delta-8 THC products

I have been looking at delta-8 products recently. I had commented on an earlier post about the negative aspect to creating ‘clear’ extracts and residual bleaching agents that can be found in lower quality Δ8 extracts.

It has been a struggle to find a vendor that uses a clean extract instead of a clear one. A clean version will have a rose to lavender color to it. And it obviously will not have those loony bleaching chemicals.

I have found a couple of brands that are going through vetting currently.

As a medical cannabis consumer for several decades, I do have to say that delta 8 THC is quite mild when compared to delta 9 THC. I have had some tell me it is up to 85% the same effects. That could be because of those ‘clear’ chemicals having an affect…I can’t be sure because I will not use those products.

When we do find some awesome products, I will let y’all know!

Smoke shops, CBD outlets, and traditional head shops across the country are selling a wide variety of products containing delta-8 (Δ 8 -THC), the hemp derivative considered federally legal under the terms of the 2018 farm bill. Unlike CBD, the intended target of the 2018 farm bill, delta-8 THC is intoxicating. In other words, it gets you high. Delta-8 is a naturally occurring cannabinoid commonly derived from hemp-sourced CBD. Its distillate is typically infused into edibles or sprayed onto hemp flower, which allows it to be smoked like regular cannabis. Within the past year, delta-8 products have flooded the market, often promising a ‘lighter’ or more ‘functional’ high than whole, natural cannabis. Many industry insiders and consumers have described it as a more alert high, one that’s rid of the anxiety and paranoia that can accompany more energizing weed strains. It has exploded in popularity in hardline prohibition states […]

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