There are a lot of reports in the news and online these days about medical marijuana, high CBD-Low THC strains, cannabidiol and CBD Hemp Oil.  Charlotte’s Webb is a well known strain of marijuana that has gotten a lot of press coverage due to its High CBD – Low THC concentration.

So, why is all that important?  Start putting  the pieces of the puzzle together and you’ll see that many people want the reported benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids, but without the side effect of getting ‘high’.  Maybe the end user is going to be a child.  Or, maybe its just someone like me who doesn’t want to (or can’t) go through the day being ‘high’ or stoned.

CBD Hemp Oil, which contains the same molecule of cannabidiol as marijuana, has virtually no THC, certainly not enough to cause anyone, not even a toddler, to feel ‘high’.  The amount of THC in all the CBD Hemp Oil products currently on the market is so negligible.

And, THIS is why people want CBD Hemp Oil.  It allows them to get the helpful CBD but without getting any of the THC high.  Even the well-known Charlotte’s Web strain of marijuana (High CBD – Low THC) has enough THC to make virtually anyone feel at least groggy if not even just a little high.  There are many variations of these strains and all that I’ve tried (which, granted, is only a few) have left me feeling at the very least – groggy, but more commonly – somewhat ‘high’.

Hemp provides the same CBD as medical marijuana, just without the THC.  And, thus without the ‘high’.