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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil LogoBluebird Botanicals (Gaia Botanicals LLC) was founded in Boulder, Colorado, USA, in early 2012 by Brandon J. Beatty- herbalist, entrepreneur, and hemp/cannabis advocate. In the fall of 2013 Bluebird Botanicals launched its first hemp-CBD product line. Bluebird grew very quickly after that, and gradually established a strong internet presence and reputation among the hemp and cannabis industries.

Bluebird began to ship their hemp derived oils worldwide (to select countries) on a daily basis, not long after launching first sales in America. Their facilities and operations are continually growing, as is its class act work-force which enables it all to happen.

Things have changed a lot since they first launched their Bluebird hemp oil. There are more CBD companies out there than ever before. More people than ever know about the health benefits that are possible with the use of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD). What hasn’t changed is Bluebird’s commitment to quality and the community. There are more reasons than ever to choose us as your source for their hemp-derived CBD.

Pure and High Quality

Bluebird played an integral role in the creation of the hemp CBD industry. To this day, we continue to use the same exacting processes that led The Denver Post to name us the #1 Hemp-CBD company at the 2016 Cannabist Awards.

Their hemp products are made from 100% Colorado-sourced hemp. They partner with Colorado farmers who grow the best product for the job: a specially bred hemp that is selected for its high terpene and cannabinoid content. All products are organically grown in pristine soil and environmentally sustainable greenhouses.

After hemp is harvested, it goes through an extraction process to concentrate or isolate the CBD. We use environmentally friendly CO2 and alcohol extraction processes, depending on the product being made. As a result, we are able to offer both broad spectrum products and refined oils and isolates to fit our customers’ specific needs.

The final products are made under the guidelines of the Current Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the highest quality. Then, every batch goes through a quality assurance and testing process that has become the gold standard for the industry.

Third-party laboratories test all of our full-spectrum hemp supplements and extracts. They analyze the product for factors that include:

  • cannabinoid potency.
  • bacterial or microbial life.
  • heavy metal content.
  • mycotoxins
  • pesticides.

The results are available online in our batch database, located on the product info tabs. This transparency allows you to always know that you are getting a pure product that is safe and effective.

Their processes have also earned them a 99% rating from the exacting Eurofins Scientific. For reference, 70% is a passing score. While the FDA only requires that supplement manufacturers do internal audits once a year, we are proud to publish our results. We want you to see our commitment to safety, quality and to the wellness of our clients.

Making a Difference

They don’t stop at making a high quality product. They believe that it is our mission to do what they can to make a positive impact on humanity and the world that we live in.

Bluebird Botanicals believes in positively influencing the industry that we work in. Because of this, they’re on the board of directors of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable and the Colorado Hemp Roundtable. These highly influential organizations work on the state and federal levels to protect hemp growers and manufacturers through regulatory and legislative avenues. Through these activities, they can help ensure that the quality hemp CBD products our clients rely on remain available and effective.

Their founder is also a founder and former officer of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation. This non-profit is dedicated to initiating and supporting hemp-related research to help expand our knowledge about beneficial hemp products.

They support and make regular donations to a range of non-profits that share our goals and our values. These organizations range from the American Cancer Society to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the National Veterans Foundation and the Global Fund for Women. By supporting the vital work that they do, we can help make the world that we want to see.

There for Our Customers and Our Employees

We are passionate about offering the highest level of customer service and the best experience for the people who buy from us and the people who work with us. We know that, without them, there would be no WellspringCBD, and no Bluebird Botanicals.

We are strongly committed to fair costs for our products. Our pricing structure is designed to offer the best price possible while maintaining fair relationships with our providers. We continually strive to pass on cost savings to our customers whenever possible so that you are always getting the best value for your money.

We believe in treating our employees like family. We go above and beyond federal and international standards when it comes to policies regarding benefits, time off from work and HR policies. We want to provide a great working environment to the people who make our product possible.

At WellspringCBD, we also are proud to offer top of the line customer service. It is our goal to ensure that you are always happy with the products that you buy and your experience purchasing from us. Because of this, we maintain high availability and ship our hemp-derived products to most US states and several international locations throughout the world. We also believe in your right to choose how you conduct business online and accept many different cryptocurrencies.

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Hemp-derived CBD has health benefits that include help with pain, nausea, inflammatory conditions and more. We offer a range of hemp-based CBD products to fit your specific preferences and needs. Some people prefer whole plant extract. Others are looking for capsules that allow you to benefit from CBD without the strong and characteristic flavor. Still others prefer isolates and vape oil to deliver powerful CBD in the ways that work for them best.

Whether you are looking for vape oil, capsules, CBD isolate or concentrate. Choose from broad spectrum and isolate products. We even offer a line of CBD products for your pets.

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