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Bluebird Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil LogoBluebird Botanicals (Gaia Botanicals LLC) was founded in Boulder, Colorado, USA, in early 2012 by Brandon J. Beatty- herbalist, entrepreneur, and hemp/cannabis advocate. In the fall of 2013 Bluebird Botanicals launched its first hemp-CBD product line. Bluebird grew very quickly after that, and gradually established a strong internet presence and reputation among the hemp and cannabis industries.

Bluebird began to ship their hemp derived oils worldwide (to select countries) on a daily basis, not long after launching first sales in America. Their facilities and operations are continually growing, as is its class act work-force which enables it all to happen.

Things have changed a lot since they first launched their Bluebird hemp oil. There are more CBD companies out there than ever before. More people than ever know about the health benefits that are possible with the use of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD). What hasn’t changed is Bluebird’s commitment to quality and the community. There are more reasons than ever to choose us as your source for their hemp-derived CBD.


Pure and High Quality

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