Meow, Can I Have Some Of That Stuff In the Dropper Too Mom?

Posted by administrator on 11/23/2016
Cats are among the most curious beasts on the planet and oh so sneaky too. If you have a kitty, then you'll recognize this experience. You're in the bathroom taking your daily drops of CBD oil under your tongue. You feel like someone is watching you but the door is closed and the shade is down on the window. Still, you have that sixth sense feeling. Then, from the corner of your eye, you notice your curious little feline has stealthily wondered into the bathroom and she's intently watching literally every move you make. After uttering a meow with a question mark dangling at the end, she jumps up on the counter, dirty paws and all, and begins to sniff the bottle of CBD oil. She then turns her head and looks at you with the same "super adorable I know you can't possibly resist my charm" expression she gives you when she wants you to open the bag of smelly shrimp treats.

Yep, your cat is indicating that she wants to try some CBD oil, because as you know, kitty wants to try everything you put into your mouth. But... is it safe to give cats CBD oil or is this like the chocolate thing where it's okay for people but not for cats? Is CBD oil good for cats? Can CBD oil be used to treat your cat for...? You've had great results taking daily doses of CBD oil, in fact you swear by it, but would this be something you should share with your cat?
First of all, CBD oil is perfectly safe for your cat. You'll just need to give her a much smaller dosage because she has such a small body. We offer a less concentrated formula called CBD PAWS which has only 100 milligrams of CBD per fluid ounce (the minimum concentration for humans is 250 milligrams of CBD per fluid ounce). If you order this, it will make it much easier to give small doses of CBD oil to your cat. 

CBD oil can be used to treat almost any ailment in cats as has been used in people. In fact, people have been recently beeb sharing stories on Facebook about how they treat their cat's cancer with CBD oil. Common cat ailments treated CBD oil include arthritis, skin allergies, epileptic seizures, dementia, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, bronchial spasms, motion sickness, and PSTD, such as right after your neighbor decided to celebrate the 4th of July for an entire week right outside your window! CBD oil can also help reduce any form of pain your cat may be experiencing. Besides feline cancer, CBD oil is also used to treat other serious diseases like hypertension, feline AIDS, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. 

When picking out a CBD oil for your cat, be sure to get a full spectrum CBD oil that has been extracted from whole plants. This will give your cat a nice synergistic effect between the various cannabinoid and terpenes it contains. This is much more effective than getting CBD oil where only CBD has been isolated. Be sure too that you do not buy the lower quality CBD oils that are derived from industrial hemp plants that are grown in toxic soils. Please know that all of our CBD oils are derived from cannabis plants that are grown in pristine conditions.

Our CBD oil will not make your cat high of course because it does not contain THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. You can leave that to the next time your cat channels her ancestral genes when she pounces on her favorite cat toy.

As a cat person, there's no doubt you've discovered the fact that your cat's teeth can be very sharp on your human skin, even with accidental contact! So, we have a practical tip for you if you decide to give your cat a daily dose of CBD oil. Put the CBD oil drops in the palm of your hand and let her lick them off... think of it as a hand massage with warm sand paper! If she doesn't like the taste, you can try mixing the oil with her favorite soft treat and then putting that in the palm of your hand.

Some veterinary hospitals and animal rescue centers are already offering CBD oil to their kitties. In fact, many are predicting that CBD oil may become a common treatment offered to cat people for their beloved kitties as cannabis becomes legal in more states.

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