CBD Align is a brand of hemp CBD products that is crafted in the mile high capitol of Cannabis: Denver, Colorado.

CBD Align was founded by Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Practitioner, Candice Marley along side Occupational Therapist, Ashley McWhirter.

About Candice

Master Herbalist and Holistic Health Practitioner Candice Marley was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Denver had always been an environment where cannabis and hemp was used recreationally and therapeutically. Once legalization occurred, Denver became the gold standard in cannabis usage and research.

Always fascinated with how herbs could help the body balance and heal, Candice became her own test subject when after a difficult and high risk pregnancy she was left in significant and debilitating pain. Unable to walk or function normally on many days due to chronic and inflammatory pain, doctors recommended oxycodone or open back spinal surgery. Neither option was viable for Candice so she turned to CBD. The effects and benefits were immediate, however because CBD was a new therapeutic agent, cost and availability was a problem. Candice would find products that were filled with sugar or other additives including THC, which she did not want, and monthly costs of therapy rose to almost $800. Candice decided to take matters into her own hands.

After testing and research, Candice was able to create her own product that was 100% pure and organic, had no additives including less then 1% THC, was cost effective and highly effective. Candice also understood CBD could be beneficial in a wide range of health conditions, and that she could create a product for the public that would be beneficial and cost effective. This was the birth of CBD Align. ​

About Ashley McWhirter, M.S.

Ashley has a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. She is a physical therapy assistant and occupational therapist working with people who have physical and cognitive rehabilitation needs. She mainly works with the geriatric population but works with individuals across all age populations. She has seen first hand the need for a therapeutic agent that could offer natural pain and inflammation relief without side effects including impacting cognitive ability.

She and her fiance are also very physically active and have taken part in activities like Cross Fit and running. She has experienced a broken bone and physical injury. Her interest has been focused on understanding how CBD can bring natural relief, quicker recovery times for athletes and healing after an injury.

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