Highland Pharms CBD Sugar Wax – 70%

-Real Cannabis Terpene Profiles
-70+% CBD, 7-to-9% CBG
-Powerful and Effective



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Product Description

Highland Pharms CBD Sugar Wax – 70%

We are proud to be carrying Highland Pharms’ brand new CBD sugar wax. They begin with a moist and delicious 70+% full spectrum CBD Wax, then a blend of natural terpenes to recreate ever popular cannabis strains into this amazing CBD Wax….you will be impressed! This particular extract also contains a very respectable amount of cannabigerol, or CBG.

This product is priced by weight and not by volume.  Each batch will vary, and depending on how dense the wax is, it may appear as more or less when compared with another.  This is normal since it is a natural product.  If you receive a compact gram, feel free to break it apart with a dab tool, and it will appear like a larger volume. This is not necessary, however.

If a rich and moist CBD dab is what you prefer to a more dry crumble, then this is what you are looking for.  Containing over 70% CBD (700+mg of CBD per gram), this broad spectrum hemp extract also includes 7% CBG, 1.3% CBN, .7% CBDV and 2.3% terpenes.
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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Natural Terpenes

Load small amount onto dab tool, add to your rig of choice, and enjoy!

Product Specs




Highland Pharms

Extract Type

Full Spectrum


Orange Crush, Strawnana


Highland Pharms




1 gram



CBD Sugar Wax Test Results Orange Crush

Orange Crush Results

CBD Sugar Wax Test Results Strawnana

Strawnana Results

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