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Grassroots Harvest Harmony CBD Honey

The sweet taste of inner harmony. In this jar, you’ll find a soothing balance of 100% organic hemp-derived CBD, Sour Diesel terpenes, and Raw South Texas Wildflower honey sourced from Wow Texas Honey, combining the health benefits of all three ingredients for a sweet treat you never have to feel guilty about!

2 oz - 200mg CBD
4 oz - 400mg CBD



Product Description

Grassroots Harvest Harmony CBD Honey

Grassroots Harvest's Harmony CBD Honey is made with the terpene profile of another of our owner's favorite cannabis strains: Sour Diesel. This legendary strain is known for it's energizing & uplifting effects, as well as its uniquely potent aroma, which is quite pungent, similar to diesel fuel.

Grassroots Harvest utilizes the amazing raw South Texas wildflower honey sourced locally (to them) from Wow Texas Honey.


Raw, minimally processed, unfiltered Central Texas honey with potentially pieces of honeycomb inside. Botanically sourced terpenes from a variety of organic wildcrafted sources (not farmed plants). Full-spectrum CBD oil, hemp grown in Colorado, organic alcohol extraction, rich in terpenes and other active cannabinoids. Our CBD products are THC-free, non-psychoactive, and promote total-body wellness.


Each teaspoon of honey contains approximately 17mg of CBD. 1 serving = 1-2 tsp. A 4oz jar holds approximately 24 servings. A 2oz jar holds about 12 servings.

Ways to use CBD Honey:

  • Stir a spoonful into your favorite tea
  • Use it as a healthy sugar substitute
  • Spread over a slice of toast
  • Use it in your next DIY face mask or lip scrub
  • Eat it straight off the spoon, we don’t judge.

Grassroots Harvest Harmony CBD Honey

Product Specs

Allergen Notice



Grassroots Harvest



Extract Type



Sour Diesel


200, 400


Grassroots Harvest




2 ounces, 4 ounces

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