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7 Things You Need to Know About Using CBD Oil for Parkinson’s Disease

Is hemp the answer to Parkinson's Disease? Let's talk about the potential of CBD oil for Parkinson's and why many consider it a miracle oil.
November 8, 2018

About 60,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease every single year. But, this hits a little closer to home when one of those people is a friend or family member in your life.

It’s not easy watching a person change as Parkinson’s starts to affect them more and more. This disease attacks the body’s nervous system, which can cause anything from speech impairments and trouble moving to digestion issues and cognitive difficulties.

There isn’t a cure for Parkinson’s as of now. However, there are some things that can help those with this disease feel a little more like themselves.

One of those things includes the use of CBD oil for Parkinson’s!

Here are 7 things CBD oil can do for a person who has this condition.

1. It Makes Movement Easier

Parkinson’s creates stiffness in the body because it affects the way that the nervous system tells different parts to move. It makes it a lot harder to do simple things like lift a small object or shake someone’s hand.

CBD oil has the potential to make these functions feel easier, though.

It relaxes the tension in the muscles that builds up from moving so little throughout the day. This subtle shift in the body makes regular movements more accessible for someone who’s struggling with Parkinson’s.

2. It Eases Tremors

Sometimes, the issue with Parkinson’s isn’t that a person is moving too little, but rather that their body is experiencing random, intense tremors. Tremors are uncontrollable shaking motions that are hard to stop or to prevent. These can affect one part of the body or the whole body at once.

Using CBD oil doesn’t guarantee that a person’s tremors will completely stop. However, it can help calm a tremor once it begins. Regular use of CBD may prevent lower the number of tremors a person experiences.

3. It Soothes Pain

Whether an individual with Parkinson’s has trouble moving or they’re moving uncontrollably all the time, they’re likely in large amounts of pain. This disease creates stiffness and discomfort all over the body. It’s like being sore all the time.

Using edible or topical CBD solutions makes a world of a difference. It relaxes the muscles and can lower the amount of pain a person feels. This can sometimes lead to more movement, but mostly it means a Parkinson’s patient will be more comfortable throughout their day.

4. It Improves the Quality of Sleep

It’s one thing to deal with pain and discomfort throughout the day and another to not be able to sleep at night because of how intense a person’s pain is. Thankfully, there are all kinds of CBD products that can make sleep much more attainable and improve the quality of sleep a person gets, too.

These include CBD oils that can be inhaled or mixed with a cup of tea, as well as edible CBD products and even capsules. Either way, the result is basically the same – your loved one will be able to enjoy better sleep and feel more rested when they wake up.

5. It Helps Achieve and Maintain Focus

Another effect of Parkinson’s is that it makes it harder to have a conversation with the affected individual. Their cognitive functions are impaired, making it a lot harder to think straight or to remember basic information. The individual may also experience intense levels of anxiety or depression.

Thankfully, these are things that CBD can turn around. Using CBD on a regular basis can offset the cognitive difficulties that appear when a person has Parkinson’s. It can’t completely reverse the effects, but, it does help a person use the cognitive functions that are still available to them.

6. It Boosts a Person’s Mood

If you had Parkinson’s and you discovered all the benefits of using CBD oil, wouldn’t you feel a lot better? It’s amazing how much a person’s mood can change when they discover everything CBD oil can do for them

Not to mention, CBD actually has mood-boosting qualities!

It’s a win-win. A patient is likely to start feeling like themselves again once they start using CBD to ease the effects of their Parkinson’s.

More so, they’ll have something to help them feel happy and at ease when the symptoms get them down. CBD oil can help with the depression and anxiety mentioned above, but it also becomes a tool to ease the everyday ups and downs of this disease.

7. It’s Not a Cure

As great as it is to use CBD oil when suffering from Parkinson’s, this isn’t something that can reverse the onset of Parkinson’s effects. Unfortunately, the disease will continue to hinder a person’s cognitive functions. It’s going to keep affecting the way they move, speak, and perform basic daily needs like eating and sleeping.

But, the use of CBD can at least make these things more bearable. It helps a person hold on to the abilities they still have and it makes it easier for them to interact with loved ones and caretakers.

While it’s not a cure, CBD does offer a significant amount of support for Parkinson’s patients and their loved ones.

Find the Right CBD Oil for Parkinson’s to Use

It’s one thing to learn about the benefits of CBD oil for Parkinson’s and another to actually realize the difference it can make for the loved one in your life who’s living with Parkinson’s. Keep in mind that not all CBD oils have the same effects, though.

Take your time to research which kind of oil would be best for your friend or family member. Also, consider what form of CBD would be the best for them. Capsules, for example, may not be a great idea considering Parkinson’s effect on a person’s ability to swallow. On the other hand, topical CBD products or CBD liquids could be a good idea to try.

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