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CBD Oil and Anxiety: 11 Life-Changing Tips on Using CBD to Help Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, CBD oil might be just the thing to change your life. Read on to find out 11 tips on CBD oil and anxiety.
May 16, 2019

Anxiety has no cure, but CBD might be able to help you deal with its effects.

These disorders affect 18% of the US population every year. The crippling feeling of an anxiety attack can halt your day and lead to long term psychological problems. Until now, we’ve relied on mind-numbing prescription medications to deal with the adverse effects of anxiety.

But we may finally have the right product. Research into CBD oil and anxiety is still in the earliest stages, but there is a lot of promising evidence to suggest that cannabidiol deals with anxiety in exactly the way we need it to.

Cannabidiol is a compound that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. As we will learn, the cannabis plant has been used medicinally for thousands of years but has had its reputation tarnished by the west, leading to its prohibition. Luckily, this new research into the positive results of THC and CBD use is turning things around.

In this post, we’re going to tell you 11 tips on using CBD to help anxiety. It could change the way you live your life if you’re a long time anxiety sufferer.

CBD Oil and Anxiety: A Guide

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the counterpart to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the cannabis plant. While THC has the psychoactive properties that get us high, CBD is starting to show us that it may have healing properties.

Proponents of CBD use will tell you that it eases aches and pains, helps with the effects of depression and anxiety, and may even slow the growth of cancerous cells.

Research into what exactly CBD does to benefit the sick is in its infancy. But, since legalization is occurring in more and more states, the general public has opened their eyes to the positives of CBD use and many anxiety sufferers are reporting a positive change in their psyche when using CBD oil.

Here, we’ll give you 11 tips on using CBD oil to help anxiety. We’re not promising that it’ll work for everyone, but it’s a low-risk method to help something that is an epidemic in our society.

1. Don’t Expect Too Much

CBD oil might not work for everyone that takes it. It’s a substance that we’re still learning about, so its effects on anxiety are still somewhat unknown. What we do know is that anxiety sufferers report a calming effect when using CBD.

Despite the evidence being anecdotal, the side-effects of using CBD are almost non-existent, so it’s a low-risk substance you can try using to help improve your well being.

2. It’s a Slow Burn

CBD isn’t an instant cure-all for your anxiety. Many of those that aren’t familiar with cannabis will assume that when we talk about CBD and anxiety, that taking CBD will instantly curtail an anxiety attack. This isn’t true nor untrue.

Rather, the answer varies. The CBD needs time to interact with the receptors in your brain which, in turn, communicate with the receptors in your body. Like any substance, its effects depend on how you take the CBD, your body weight, the quality, and type of CBD that you use.

3. Talk to Your Doctor

It’s important to get medical advice from your doctor when you’re deciding whether to start taking CBD or not. While we don’t think that there are any adverse effects to CBD use, your doctor needs to know about supplements that you’re taking in order to better care for your well-being.

In some states, you’ll want a doctor’s recommendation to use CBD. Since medical cannabis is still illegal federally, many doctors are prohibited from prescribing it, even though it’s widely available.

4. And Your Psychologist

Similarly, your psychologist, if you have one, should be involved in your decision to start using CBD. Talk to them beforehand and get some professional advice on how CBD might help.

They might have a suggested time of day or amount to take. As your doctor needs to know what supplements you’re taking to help you with your general health, your psychologist needs to know in order to help with your psychological health.

5. Research How CBD Mixes With Other Drugs

Why would it matter if you take CBD with other drugs? While CBD is relatively mild in terms of the effects it has on your body, it can work against certain prescription drugs and undermine their effectiveness.

High concentrations of CBD can interfere with the enzymes in your liver that metabolize pharmaceutical drugs. Your doctor should know about this, but it’s good to do your own research in case your medical professional isn’t as informed as they should be.

6. Use It As a Supplement, Not a Replacement

Don’t replace your prescribed drugs or treatments with CBD. Instead, use it as a supplement with your normal medication, as long as it jives. CBD is widely used to help with daily pains you may experience in your life.

In terms of anxiety, CBD could work as a substitute for your regular medication. Under the supervision of your psychologist, you can try phasing out your prescription meds in favor of CBD.

7. Be Careful If You’re Pregnant/Nursing

Furthermore, if you’re pregnant or nursing, be cautious with CBD use. As we’ve stated, CBD research is in its infancy and there’s even less into its effects on a fetus.

There’s a lot that we don’t know about how not only CBD but THC affects the growing brain of an infant. It might be wise to stay away from cannabis altogether when pregnant.

8. Get It From a Reputable Source

If you get your CBD from a dispensary or reputable online shop, you’re getting it from an expert that knows what certain amounts and strains can do. Even if your doctor suggests that you start taking CBD, they might not be well-versed enough to give you the right information on how much to take, and some information should not be given as they are generally not medical professionals.

Most dispensary workers are dedicated, informative, and well-trained in all things cannabis, so they will be able to offer the best advice.

9. THC to CBD Ratios

If you go to a medical cannabis dispensary, you’ll be presented with some options. You can either buy pure CBD or different ratios of CBD to THC.

It’s important to do a bit of research into what different ratios are capable of. If you want something that you can do at work or school without any intoxication, you should get low or no THC supplements. As the ratio gets closer to 1:1, you’ll find more psychoactive effects in the supplement.

10. Don’t Cheap Out

Without a medical license, the cost of CBD can vary quite a bit (depending on the serving size). While it may be more expensive in some cases, you should always get your CBD from a reputable source.

The price of CBD is unregulated, so businesses can charge whatever they want. If you want to find the cheapest CBD that is of high quality, you can shop around on our site to find a good deal.

11. CBD Products

There are lots of different ways to take CBD. Oils, pills, vape pens, and candies that contain varying degrees of CBD are available through dispensaries and online shops.

The best way to figure out what works for you is by trial and error. Try out a few things and see which method you like the most.

Try CBD For Your Anxiety ASAP

Once you’ve cleared it with your doctor and psychologist, start shopping for some CBD today. Research into CBD oil and anxiety is going to reveal increasingly more information about how beneficial it really is, but for now, we have to trust the anecdotal evidence.

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