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CBD Hemp Oil Edibles - Whether for kids or adults, edibles are the easiest way to get your CBD Hemp Oil.  Available in energy bars, gummies, chews and the Most Popular: CanChew CBD Oil Gum.

These days, there are many CBD edibles available for the consumer.  HOWEVER, it is extremely important to ensure that the edibles which contain CBD or cannabidiol, when being processed or prepared, are never taken over 200 degrees F.  CBD is damaged when it gets overprocessed or is heated above this temperature.  And, obviously, while cooking or heating food products to make them liquid (as in candies, etc), it is most common to heat these foods above 200 degrees.  If someone purchases an edible food or candy that has been infused with CBD and has been heated this hot, the product is virtually useless.   We ensure all the edibles in our store are not over processed or heated to the point of damaging the essential CBD.

Know that all the food products available on our website are of high quality and are not over processed or over heated.  We continually scour the marketplace looking for edibles such as candies (which are the most popular as people like their convenience) and brownies and such that contain CBD.  While we have found a couple that are not over heated or over processed, we just find that they tasted very good.  What good is a CBD Edible if you don't like to eat it, right?  We feel the same way!

We are also currently looking into the possibility of adding a CBD edible food product or candy to the Highland Pharms product line (our own proprietary brand of CBD Oil products).  However, to date, we've not been able to find a suitable manufacturer to make our CBD Infused Edible Foods.  Rest assured we will, though. 
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Tasty Chews CBD Edibles Energy Chews ($19.95-39.95)
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Hemp Remedies CBD Gummies
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10mg CBD per Gummy! Free Shipping.
Iris Gummies CBD Infused Chewables
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Convenient and Tasty! Free Shipping.
Grateful Gummies with CBD - 2 PACK
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20mg CBD per Gummy! Free Shipping.
CanChew CBD Gum - Various Quantities
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Highland Pharms Hemp Plus Gummies - 200mg CBD
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20mg CBD EACH PIECE! Free Shipping.
Heady Harvest CBD Gummies - 20ct
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Kermit Kare CBD Isolate - 1/2gram
$70.00  $59.95
99.9% Pure CBD Free Shipping.