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5 Steps to Becoming a Conscious Cannabis Advocate

5 Steps to Becoming a Conscious Cannabis Advocate

Having been on the forefront of the CBD revolution since 2013, I wholeheartedly agree that cannabis activism, nay ANY activism, needs to be a wholesome activity.

And the article linked below projects this very well.

Their First Point

What I really liked is that they led with the point that reducing the stigma around the plant is the foundation to cannabis advocacy. Since well before the 1937 Marijuana Tax Stamp Act, the subversive authoritarian-state had created derogatory propaganda to demonize the cannabis plant, and they did so by manipulating differences in ethnicity. By manipulating racism in the media (sound familiar?), they were able to vilify groups of people like Jazz musicians or farm workers enough to garner enough support to be able to ban a ‘new’ plant called marijuana.

But the dog and pony show over what was called marijuana was a charade to ban the cannabis plant. And the US government used unethical activism to ensure other industries gained the upper hand in business, in my opinion. Be ethical in your activism.

Their Second Point

Become educated about cannabis. It’s history, like that stamp tax act mentioned a moment ago. Like how it was used in Asia for thousands of years, perhaps longer, in healthful concoctions.

Cannabis was in many prescriptions in the US’s pharmacopoeia up until it was taxed into near oblivion. Hemp was the reason the War of 1812 was fought. It also powered the US military during the World Wars. Hemp for Victory, anyone?!

There is a lot of info out there. Take it in small pieces, and don’t feel that you need to know everything.

Third Point

If you want to advocate for the industry, they recommend you ‘spend wisely’.

And I agree. To support the cannabis industry on the most foundational level, support those businesses with your patronage. We have a great online CBD shop, and our dollars goes to support the farmers and distributors who come before us in the supply chain. And for those who have supported us along the way, thank you so much!

Fourth Point

Joining industry organizations is another great way to be involved in cannabis activism. We are members of several groups, and one of our favorites to be a part of is the Cannabis Horticultural Association. Their focus is on regenerative practices in cannabis production. Companion planting, natural IPM (integrated pest management), teas and ferments, and more great topics are discussed on their social media.

Many other great organizations like NORML, MPP, HIA, US Hemp Authority, and more are always looking for support through volunteers, services, or donations.

Fifth Point

As mentioned earlier, the US government system is THE place to take the fight to. We stand on the shoulders of giants when it comes to our activism today.

And lobbying your representatives at the state and federal levels are the only way these people will know what their constituency is thinking. Keeping the topic relevant and fresh in their minds is, allegedly, the best way to enact change. Be firm yet professional and courteous when speaking with your representatives. Being obnoxious and rude puts a sour taste in their mouths, and we are working to gain favor.

Thank you taking the time to visit this site. You will be the best supporter of the industry by ordering quality CBD products and we can pay forward those dollars forward to the farmers who grow for the brands we represent.

One Tuesday afternoon in March 2015, President Barack Obama visited the Atlanta landmark Manuel’s Tavern. Decades prior, President Jimmy Carter announced his first gubernatorial campaign in the same spot, and President Bill Clinton reportedly stopped by in 1992. Nearly 6 months after President Obama’s visit, I drove an hour to Manuel’s to attend my first meeting of Peachtree NORML , Georgia’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Despite Manuel’s reputation as a favorite spot for famous Democrats, Peachtree NORML meetings have historically attracted a diverse crowd of people from across the political spectrum, and this is true for the movement as a whole. According to Gallup , 2 in 3 Americans (across […]

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