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Does CBD Hemp Oil Work? Let’s Review The Benefits CBD Oil Has

You can do almost any search about the effectiveness of the perceived benefits CBD Oil may have, and get many answers from both sides of the coin.  Some reviews are so glowingly positive, we wonder why we haven’t been taking CBD hemp oil all along.  Some review are full of claims of quackery, we wonder… Read More »
April 7, 2015

You can do almost any search about the effectiveness of the perceived benefits CBD Oil may have, and get many answers from both sides of the coin.  Some reviews are so glowingly positive, we wonder why we haven’t been taking CBD hemp oil all along.  Some review are full of claims of quackery, we wonder how anyone can’t be buying CBD Hemp Oil! And yet other reviews bring some back to earth in that a particular product may not have worked for someone in that instance.

Which Is Right?

Let’s start by stating what we must:  The FDA will not let us or anyone make any direct and specific claim about whether CBD Hemp Oil will relieve any of the host of pains and maladies so many have been using CBD Hemp Oil for.  Nothing in this article is meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or make any claims about what CBD Hemp Oil will cure, fix or treat.

Now, on to our real question:  Does CBD Hemp Oil work for any of the illnesses or pains that are being reported throughout the news and various online articles?  And, Why are there so many varying claims of whether it works?

Here’s what I can report based on my own reading, researching and taking CBD Hemp Oil for some time now.

First, we don’t believe there is anything that works 100% of the time, all the time, for everyone.  For instance, Ibuprofen doesn’t relieve headaches in everyone.  Does that mean Ibuprofen doesn’t work?  Well, obviously the person who tries Ibuprofen only to find it does not relieve their headache is going to report it doesn’t work. Other prescription medicines work on some people, to some extent and not for others.

So, this simple fact leads me to the following answer:  Based on the many reports and my own experience, CBD Hemp Oil most likely works on some conditions for some people and not for others.  Sorry to be so vague, but I think its important to be honest.

Now, to what I think is the REAL MEAT of answers here:

Thoughtful Questions

Let me start this train of thought by asking a couple of questions.
1.  Understanding that Ibuprofen generally comes in pills that contain 200mg of Ibuprofen.  And, the generally prescribed dosage is 2 pills, or 400mg.  If you have a headache and only take 10mg of Ibuprofen, do you think it will get rid of your headache?  Probably not, right?  Does this mean it doesn’t work on headaches?

2.  Based on the info above, lets say you take 50mg of Ibuprofen for that headache.  And, let’s say you only way 20 pounds.  Do you think the Ibuprofen will work on your headache?  I’d suspect the answer is most likely, “yes”.

So, this leads me to what most manufacturers and consumers are overlooking:  its necessary to identify how many milligrams of CBD one might need to treat a particular condition in a particular sized person.  We have gotten a “recommended dosage chart” from a company we feel is the most respected CBD Hemp Oil manufacturer; so much so, that we have partnered with them to have them make our line of CBD Hemp Oil Drops and Products because we know their quality and we have seen their research and lab tests into the field.  The company is Earth Science Tech.

Anyway, they have provided us this chart.  You can view it HERE.  On the chart, it shows that someone may need as little as 4.5mg of CBD and as much as 45mg of CBD to help with a particular condition based on the person’s size.  This is a huge variance, and sometimes even more is required!

Serving Sizes

Now, let’s look at something else:  The “serving sizes” listed on many CBD Hemp Oil products.  Keyword there is “serving size”.  Notice it doesn’t say “dose”.  The term serving size is for food.  This is another problem with the FDA and their requirement that we treat CBD Hemp Oil as a “nutritional supplement”.  Example:  your frozen dinner you eat for lunch has a serving size of “380 calories”.  Does this mean that’s what you should eat for lunch?  What if you’re 2 years old and only weigh 20lbs?  What if you’re 6’8″ and weigh 300lbs?  This doesn’t work, does it?

The same problem exists for CBD Hemp Oil.  Manufacturer’s use an arbitrary measurement that makes sense with their particular packaging, but not necessarily what makes sense for an actual “dosage”.  For instance, one CBD Hemp Oil drops has a serving size of “2 squirts”…..WHAT?  How much CBD is that?  Well, in their product, its only about 2mg of CBD.  For someone who needs, say 20 or 30 or 40mg of CBD, “2 squirts” may not be enough.

Let’s look at another.  Our base product, Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Drops has 250mg of CBD per 1 ounce bottle.  We’ve identified “10 drops” as a serving size.  WHY?  Its not because 10 drops is what everyone needs.  Its because its an easy number to work with.  Here’s what I mean:  on our package it says 10 drops has 4mg of CBD.  By knowing this, someone who needs, say 20mg of CBD can easily know that they need to take 50 drops in order to get 20mg of CBD.

So, the labeling doesn’t mean the “serving size” is the default of how much CBD someone should take. It is, however, a good starting point to work with.

Truth About CBD Oil Benefits

Knowing all the information discussed in this article, I would like to speculate that:
1.  CBD Hemp Oil can work for many people, assuming:
2.  They take a proper amount based on their needs.  However,
3.  We know that nothing works for 100% of the people, 100% of the time.  Therefore,
4.  One must try an appropriate amount of CBD for an appropriate amount of time to determine if it will accomplish the results they’re seeking.  (note:  I say “for an appropriate amount of time” in this conclusion.  This is because it can take 3-7 days of regular consumption for some to build up the CBD in one’s body to achieve desired results.)

Finally, I maintain that for MANY (not necessarily ALL) of the people who claim CBD Hemp Oil does not work, most likely were not taking an appropriate amount or the appropriate type of product for their unique situation. CBD pills may work better for some, while CBD gummies may work better for others.

Come take a look at our CBD Store to find products that are best fitted to get you the best benefits CBD oil can bring to you.

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