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Cancer, CBD Hemp Oil and Luke

If you’ve been following along on Luke’s experience of cleaning the Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO) out of his system after taking it for almost a year and trying CBD Hemp Oil, here’s the latest report from Luke:


Today was Office clean up day. Energy level was consistent and good all day. I feel my stamina is improving everyday. CBD Effect????


Had my usual Chemo Infusion today. I did get a bit of “Chemo Crash” as I call it following the infusion. Usually very tired with an indifferent attitude for a day or so. My symptoms seem more manageable. I started my oral chemo tonight. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.


Feel pretty good, slept awesome and feel rested. Up early with energy and ready to tackle my chores for the day. Pretty amazing feeling the day after both Chemo drugs are pumping through my veins.


Fully stressful day! We are down one car, wife has to work and I have sales calls to conduct. I was in a dead run for 14 hours today. By 8PM I was ready for bed. I am mentally shot but my body feels good. I did a ton of walking and driving today which stiffness usually follows. As of bed time my body feels pretty good all things considered.


Travel Day today down to Phoenix. Looking forward to getting away from the Northwest Pollen, it’s been horrible the last few days. Arrived in Phoenix feeling decent after a short 3-hour flight. Dehydrated as usual but a big bottle of water later I feel ready to keep on trucking. After about an hour after being in Phoenix my allergies blew out here too. I love and hate spring ….. time to take some Claritin!

So, I guess maybe we need to add Claritin to WellSpring…..

Hang in there, Luke. Keep getting better. Glad that getting the RSO out of your system, which was making you so groggy, and replacing it with CBD Hemp Oil is helping!

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