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Cannabis lab accused of falsifying test results surrenders Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority license - Stephen Pingry, Tulsa World file

Cannabis lab accused of falsifying test results surrenders Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority license

Bunk testing is a boogey man in our industry. Unscrupulous characters trading dollars for better test results.

Every industry has them. And the shysters have flocked towards the green rush in a bid to find a way to satisfy themselves at the cost of potentially harming untold numbers of people who rely on accurate cannabis testing that determines how much of a product they use.

Cannabis testing labs are popping up all over the place. If one is a grower of cannabis, your crop will need to be tested. And depending on the size of your harvest and the various strains/genotypes grown, they may need multiple tests.

And consumer watchdog groups and the consumers themselves are also testing the products they find to ensure quality and consistency.

Each state is different in regards to their testing protocols. There are different methods of testing. And there are ways to put a “thumb on the scale” to game the results.

We do not accept 3rd party tests from labs who have a less than savory reputation, and only work with quality producers that put out safe and effective products.

Even here in Oregon we have labs who fail to stick to proper procedures, ignore calls to suspend operations, and continue to test anyways. While I do sympathize with this lab, as the town of Phoenix, OR was severely damaged during fire season this year, simply opening up shop at an unapproved facility can cause uncertainty in the safety of the location, the results may be inaccurate.

Under Oklahoma medical marijuana laws, no dispensary may sell untested cannabis products to patients. A laboratory that operated in Tulsa will not pay fines over allegations it falsified cannabis test results after the business surrendered its license during an investigation by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. The OMMA announced in August its desire to revoke the operating license for F.A.S.T. Laboratories of Oklahoma City after a tip led to the discovery that owner-operator Kyle Felling of Arkansas falsified test results dozens of times. The acronym stands for “Felling Analytical Services and Technology.” But in a surrender form signed Sept. 23, the reason for relinquishing F.A.S.T. Labs’ license was listed as “Disputes among members of closely held management company made continued operations undesirable.” OMMA spokesperson Terri Watkins said the surrender “eliminates any fines they could potentially have faced” over alleged misconduct, but she did not elaborate. It was not clear […]

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