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Your Experiences with Legal CBD Hemp Oil?

So, my personal experience with Legal CBD Hemp Oil is about my back and knees. I have chronic pain in my back due to swollen vertebrae and I have tired, achy knees due to, well being tired and old. Okay, I’m only 48, but sometimes, I feel old! Anyway, I began taking CBD Oil for the pain.

I started with the CBD Gum CanChew and some Cibdex drops. Honestly, I didn’t notice that much of an improvement. So, I upped my dosage of CBD’s by taking some Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) paste. BAM! Within minutes, all pain was gone and for hours. I also just sort of felt all good. Not euphoric, but no stresses. Long story short, I found by taking high CBD dose like this, supplemented with smaller doses, I was all good. No pain. Sleep like a baby at night and just generally feel good.

This next experience, you might have been reading about, is of my business partner, Luke. He is battling metastatic colon cancer and has been on chemo and Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO). While he’s making good progress against his cancer, he felt like crap most of the time. When he didn’t have actual pain in his feet, hands and hips, he was just generally run down and groggy. Kinda hated life to be honest.

Recently, though, he cleaned the RSO out of his system and began taking Earth Science Tech High Content CBD Oil. He’s now telling EVERYONE he knows about the stuff, especially anyone with cancer. He loves it. He loves life again. No pain, Sleeps wonderfully and wakes up rested. No grogginess at all.

So, those are 2 experiences of people taking CBD Hemp Oil. Its worth noting that it does seem like people have to experiment with the dosing to find the perfect amount for personal relief.

How about you?

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