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Update on Luke with his Cancer Battle and use of CBD Oil

Luke’s been on the road a lot lately, so his reports are a bit sporadic. But, we really try to keep things updated on how he quit using Rick Simpson’s Oil and began using CBD Hemp Oil in his fight against Colon Cancer and Chemo. Our last update on his use CBD Hemp Oil against… Read More »
November 16, 2017

Luke’s been on the road a lot lately, so his reports are a bit sporadic. But, we really try to keep things updated on how he quit using Rick Simpson’s Oil and began using CBD Hemp Oil in his fight against Colon Cancer and Chemo.

Our last update on his use CBD Hemp Oil against Cancer took us through Mar 5. So, this update will begin on March 6 and run through what he has sent. For those of you who are new to his report, he has to travel a lot with his job. So, after Cancer and Chemo, his body is tired. He used to do this while using Rick Simpson’s Oil, but he just ran out of steam and he could no longer travel like he did. With his change to using CBD Hemp Oil against Cancer, he’s now back on the road and pushing on….


Suffering from Phoenix allergies now. Meetings etc. today but feel sharp and ready. As a side note, the CBD Oil seems to help my allergies, too.


Allergies are full blown today. Taking a lot of allergy meds. Feel a bit weird but energy level is pretty good. Very tired at the end of the day. Going to dose up with some CBD too, and get some sleep. Late start schedule tomorrow.


Late start, should be a low stress day. Energy level is good. Noticed today that the Arthritis Pain in my feet and toes are feeling better. CBD Oil maybe? This is huge, my feet and toes have hurt everyday for almost 4 years! Will monitor closely. All went well today, early day tomorrow so straight to bed.


Up early and feel good. Had a protein drink for breakfast and energy level is good. I’m so happy to not be on RSO anymore. Waking up early is hugely easier! Another low stress day. Retiring to bed early after a couple of hours of ppt slide maintenance.


Up early again, can’t emphasize enough about how much easier it is to get up and moving while only taking CBD Oil. I honestly feel so much better physically. The foot and toe pain are continuing to feel better in spite of a ton of walking. Happy man, off to bed. Big day tomorrow with a very long show call.


Up early and ready to face the day. Energy levels are good and my usual Chemo Brain is as bad as usual. Sometimes in the middle of my Xeloda Cycle I get very forgetful. I have been sleeping very good lately and waking feeling fairly refreshed. Finished the day late, had a couple beers with Crew and headed to bed. Getting very little sleep tonight and travel to the next gig early tomorrow morning. Air travel is better now as well, not taking the RSO. Next test tomorrow.


Big day of travel. Woke very early but feel surprisingly good all things considered. I will drink only water today, after a huge cup of Coffee. Loads of water always makes me feel better while flying. No real surprises today. Got some rest on the plane, going to grab some food and head to bed.


Feeling good with a lot to do today. Energy level was good and had a successful day.


Feeling good, on a quest for information, usual show stuff. Energy and Fatigue are manageable today. Feet are still improving, I’m amazed and couldn’t be happier!


Usual day ahead. Feel good but getting a bit road weary. Just need a day without 50 thousand questions. Physically feel pretty good but mentally wearing down a bit.


Typical show day today. Stress levels intermittent today, managed well and my mind worked today. Just a few more days and this road test will be complete. Feeling better than I have in a while.


Another typical day. Feeling good and making it happen today. Feeling I need to drink more water so that is the focus today. Early dinner and bed is the plan tonight.


Early call but all systems are good. Feeling good, mental clarity good, feet are awesome so why complain? Just going through the motions. Might get a nap today, nothing better than road naps. Get the room to 60 degrees, pull the black out curtains and retire to the cave …….. Ahhhhhhhhh.


Big dinner last night. Feeling a bit heavy today, damn Margarita’s! Recovered quickly with a bunch of water and a mega dose of CBD Oil. All in all the day went well, feel pretty good and ready for getting out tomorrow.


Pulling out the show today and I am ready, ready, ready. Easy schedule with plenty of time. Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. Feet still continuing to improve with almost ALL Pain gone, simply amazing!


Supporting the troops today, lots of truck loading going on. I can’t really do loading anymore so I will keep spirits high and push the herd. Feel pretty good, ready to travel tomorrow, it’s going to be a long day.


Big travel day, going to have to rely on my Vape Pen today. Plan to drink tons of water and have a nice dinner with my bride upon arrival. Feel good and ready to get on with the day. Arrived feeling okay but hungry. Had a nice dinner and home for a relaxing night.

That’s it for now. Luke’s in Vegas doing NAB, so we should have an update in a week or two. Peace!

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