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Croptober 2019

Did you know…

…that naturally grown outdoor hemp is an annual plant? Every year, millions upon millions of plants are finishing their life cycle come Autumn. That includes the cannabis plant.

The ‘buds’ are actually female flowers that, when pollinated with a male, would produce seeds for the next generation. When grown without the intervention of pollen, the female plants are left to be able to focus on attempting to attract the pollen, which is why the plant produces sticky resin glands called trichromes, and those contain the precious cannabinoids and terpenes, like CBD and caryophyllene, that our industry works so hard at extracting for our health.

One of my favorite things about the cannabis plant is that for many genotypes, cooler temperatures draw out some amazing colors, like purple, orange, red, and yellow, in the leaves of the plant. Above is a picture of a cannabis plant whose leaves had purpled due to the drop in temperatures during September.

It is in honor of what is dubbed Croptober, we are offering a 15% discount on some of our bestselling brands through October 15th.

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