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Earth Science Tech testing CBD with Veterans with PTSD

News is out today from Earth Science Tech (ETST), a manufacturer of CBD Hemp Oil products. Earth Science Tech continues to lead the way as a CBD Hemp Oil Manufacturer who believes so much in what CBD can do that they are putting their money where their mouth is and testing their products on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Earth Science Tech has partnered with a healthcare firm and with the group: Dysfunctional Veterans of New Hampshire; to conduct testing of cannabidiol extracted from hemp post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

ETST has funded and partnered with others on many similar tests for health conditions such as cancer and other life threatening diseases. They are the only CBD Hemp Oil Manufacturer that we are aware of who is supporting so many tests of CBD on so many conditions. (you can find other stories and news releases about what all ETST by visiting other pages on our website).

ETST is a very well rounded company specializing in using natural products to help people with many conditions. From alternative medicines and nutraceuticals, to cosmeceuticals and phytoceuticals, they are pushing hard to become the foremost leader in this young field. But, rather than doing it the way most companies do, by just investing their way into the field and producing products for sale, they are working with many groups to get the proper investigations and documentation in place to support what is already evident, but is not proven in the eyes of the governmental agencies, namely the FDA.

Earth Science Tech is to be commended on all their efforts and investments into providing the information necessary to get past the restraints that have held back cannabis and other plants for so many years, to the benefit of Big Pharma.

They are a United States based company, located mainly in Florida and is publicly held. So, their investigative findings will become a matter of public information. In the CBD Hemp Oil area, they offer Scientifically formulated CBD Hemp Oil drops infused with High Grade, Whole Plant Extract from organically grown hemp. They offer various sizes and various concentrations, as well as various media for the intake.

WellSpring CBD is proud to have partnered with ETST since the early days of both companies. There is a definite synergy as WellSpring CBD focuses on bringing only the highest quality CBD from Hemp products to market. And, as this article is a clear indication of, ETST is committed to not only bringing the finest CBD from Hemp products to market, but also in providing the necessary documentation as to the benefits of CBD from Hemp. The principals of both companies have worked closely together on several products that have been brought to market over the past couple of years.

We cannot wait for the results of these PTSD tests to be released as we pretty much already know what they will show. We talk directly to our customers often enough to know that we have many with PTSD who return regularly to purchase some of our CBD hemp oil products. Due to FDA guidelines, we cannot say that these products help people with PTSD, but we CAN say there has to be SOME reason why they keep buying them.


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