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Follow Up To Earth Science Tech Testing with PTSD

Several weeks ago, we announced that Earth Science Tech, a leading manufacturer of CBD Hemp Oil products had partnered with another group to begin testing CBD from hemp on veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today, we are here to provide the initial results.

If you caught our earlier article, you know that ETST (Earth Science Tech) partnered with RRNP Healthcare and Dysfunctional Veterans of New Hampshire to study the effects of CBD from hemp on veterans who were experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). The initial results are in and they are so positive that the groups have decided to continue further with the research. Now, granted, to date there has only been one participant complete the studies, but that participant shows so much promise that he is happy to continue the testing. And, because of the promising results, the groups have agreed to continue to fund the research.

Essentially, what took place was the participant took a dropperful of rich CBD Hemp Oil Drops three times a day for 3 weeks. During this time, the individual experienced:
A stop to Nightmares – Flashbacks – Traumatic Play – Intrusive Recollections
A stop to Avoidance of Situations that Reminded the Individual of Past Traumatic Events
A stop to Having Symptoms of Hyper Vigilance
Sleep Every Night & Was Glad to Go to Sleep
A Healthy Diet and Appetite
Almost Complete Stop to Anxiety
An Increase in Relaxed Self in Various Places and Settings
A stop to ALL of his PTSD-Related Prescriptions (including Quetiapine, Xanax, Aripiprazole, Ambien, Temaxepam and Trazadone) with NO SIDE EFFECTS
Improved Mind – Body well being
Clearer Thinking
Ability to Concentrate on Work
Improved Patience with Others
Better Organizational Skills
Highly Improved Energy Levels – resumed physical exercise, increased work productivity
Lowered Blood Pressure

Anyone with PTSD would KNOW these results are SIGNIFICANT!! Further…..

The fourth week of the study, the individual stopped taking CBD Hemp Oil. Study Administrators noted the rapid return of the original symptoms of the PTSD.

That last sentence is why the individual was MORE THAN HAPPY to continue the study so that he could enjoy his life once again!

ETST, RRNP and the Dysfunctional Veterans of New Hampshire are to be commended on this study. Further, ETST takes part in several studies and clinical trials relative to the use of CBD Hemp Oil and its ability to interact with many physical and mental conditions. ETST is truly a leader in working with cannabidiol from hemp and getting it integrated into our society in such a way that not only are individuals happy to use it, but in a way that medical and health professionals have the documented support they need to further reduce the dependence on pharmaceutical drugs by the very people who need improved health.

We at WellSpring CBD wholeheartedly support the efforts of Earth Science Tech and have worked closely with them over the years to help get CBD Hemp Oil into the hands of those who need it. We are proud to be associated with such a professional and pro-active leader in our industry.

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