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FDA’s 2nd CBD Hearing Won’t Be the One the Industry Wants

I am not certain what this headline from cspdailynews is supposed to be implying…

Despite what many ‘activists’ are telling you these days, there are differences between the human sexes: male and female. And those differences can have dire consequences when it comes to health and medicine.

This can also be applied, as the FDA meeting indicates, to symptoms and health issues. The FDA states that sleep issues, anxiety, depression, and other afflictions tend to affect women more than men, and that is the focus of the upcoming FDA – CBD public hearing.

I will be charitable with the headline, and assume that they felt that the industry wanted to focus more on the solidifying the CBD ingestible market than potential gender differences when it comes to serving sizes of CBD.

And in that case, I would somewhat agree that there needs to be some more focus on the market. My concern is that this meeting may not lead down a scientific discussion. Rather, it could lead down some sort of political identitarian side show that has been dominating much of the discourse across the board.

If women are having legitimate concerns with the safety of recommended serving sizes, this would be a great discussion to have. It is well known that some substances affect one gender differently than the other. Body chemistry is the main reason for this as opposed to visible external differences, although those differences usually go hand-in-hand.

And those differences transcend any -ism you can throw at the perceived subjective problems.

One thing is for certain, and that being that we will see what it is all about when the Nov. 19th hearing is held.

WASHINGTON — A public hearing next month by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) won’t be the resolution of regulation of ingestible CBD products that many industry watchers had hoped. The FDA announced in September that it would hold the public meeting on cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids to discuss the differing way these ingredients effect each gender. The Nov. 19 event titled CBD and Other Cannabinoids: Sex and Gender Difference in Use and Responses will be hosted by the FDA’s Office of Women’s Health and is described as a “multidisciplinary scientific conference.” Intended topics of discussion include: Sex differences in the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids Use of CBD and other cannabinoids in pregnancy Government agency perspectives on CBD research Jonathan Havens, a partner in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore-based Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP, took note of the specificity of the November meeting announcement and expressed […]

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