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Highland Pharms Announces More New Products!

Its no secret that Highland Pharms CBD Oil has been busy this year with developing and bringing new CBD Oil products to market. Of course, just before the first of the year, CBD300 was brought out. This is the upgraded version of the CBD Golden Dab Wax – CBD180, which has 180mg of CBD per gram of material. CBD300, the newer release, has 300mg of CBD and is the same beautiful golden dab wax. It has truly been a hit with customers and unfortunately, our lab has had a difficult time keeping up with demand, but know that more is on the way.

Also, after adding a larger 30ml size of CBD Vape Oil, Highland Pharms added 2 new flavors to its CBD Vape Oil line. In addition to the Original Strawberry flavor that they’ve had for well over a year now, they added Cinnamon Flavor and Mint Flavor to their All Natural line of vaporizer juices. So, now customers have a choice of 3 sizes and 3 flavors of their full spectrum CBD vaporizer oil.

But, there’s more. Oh, yes, there’s much more news coming out very soon. A new logo has been made for an entirely new product line that Highland Pharms expects to have released by April 15, 2016! A new brand, a new logo and an all new product line. We’ll just tease you a little to say, “Get your Vape Pens ready! But, not just for CBD Vape Oil.” Its an all new kind of CBD Vape Oil…………Stay tune for more information as its available.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, our lab is currently putting the finishing touches on our new CBD Cream that should be available to customers approximately April 8. This new CBD Cream (lotion) is not just an ordinary lotion infused with our exceptionally high quality, Colorado Grown CBD Hemp Oil. No. Rather the lotion is of the same caliber as our CBD Oil. The lotion has beautifully rich oils normally used in aromatherapy and will be ideal for those experiencing pain. The cream is all but done and the labels are being printed as we speak. Product pictures need to be taken and as soon as the first shipment arrives, we will announce the new CBD Cream to the world!

Please know that we won’t be stopping with just these new CBD products. We have CBD Syringes currently being looked at and customers are being queried to see what the interest level is for them. And, like all Highland Pharms CBD Oil products, they won’t just be ordinary CBD Syringes. They’ll be something special, as long as we determine there is enough customer interest for them. Also, we already have a second and third tier of products being designed for the new brand of products being released in Mid-April.

So, as you can tell, Highland Pharms is listening to customers, offering new solutions and working hard to ensure that all our customers have access to all the things they need to ensure their well-being.

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