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Interview with Luke about CBD Hemp Oil and his Cancer

Have you ever wanted to speak directly to a person with cancer who is taking CBD hemp oil and ask them some questions about their condition, what CBD they’re taking and what effects the CBD is having on their cancer? Well, we have. And, one of our owners, Luke, has cancer and has helped give […]
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Written By Jason L

On November 19, 2017

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Have you ever wanted to speak directly to a person with cancer who is taking CBD hemp oil and ask them some questions about their condition, what CBD they’re taking and what effects the CBD is having on their cancer? Well, we have. And, one of our owners, Luke, has cancer and has helped give our company input on how the cannabidiol (CBD) is affecting him and his cancer.

Read the following Q & A to learn firsthand from Luke:

1. 1. When were you first diagnosed with cancer? What kind of cancer was it? How did you first feel when you found out?

Was first diagnosed in 2012. I knew something had been going on for a few years, but I had no idea what. But, I just wasn’t getting well. I went to my primary care physician and the short answer was that he wanted me to get an ultrasound. On the drive home from the ultrasound he called and basically said, turn around. I knew then what the answer was. They had found a large mass in my colon.

2. When you first got cancer, did you immediately turn to cannabidiol, either from hemp or marijuana, since you live in a medical marijuana state? What type of treatments (chemo, holistic, etc) did you try and what were their side effects, if any? How did you feel about taking these treatments? Were you in support of them, leery of them?

For my first round of cancer, I did not take chemo, instead it was surgery. They went in and removed it. Originally, I knew a little about CBD hemp oil, and of course I knew all about marijuana since I live in a medical marijuana state and its been around for years and I’ve been around it. So, I thought, why not try something. And, so after the surgery, I took Rick Simpson’s Oil (RSO) for quite a while. But, I had various issues with RSO, namely finding a consistent supply of it and getting an exact dosage of what I needed. The RSO had a lot of variation in what it contained. Also, I got tired of being high and sleepy and stupid all the time.

The medications I was on had horrible side effects: burning, itching, diarrhea, constipation (at the same time ???), couldn’t sleep, had to sleep. I mean, I was a basket case taking all this crap.

3. What support did you have around you, family friends, etc? How were they supportive and what did they advise, if anything?

Everyone around me jumped in for support….very humbling. You never realize what you got until you get into this situation. Friends, family. Everyone has opinion about what you should do. Friends would offer some suggestions but wouldn’t try to force any ideas on me. They just more threw things out there, but also listened as I shared my ideas. I am VERY thankful for all those who have and continue to support me!

4. What were the doctors telling you about your outlook, prognosis, chance of beating cancer?

They originally said, we’ll remove it and it’ll go away. It did not. Very soon after my surgery, it came back. It had metasticized and now I had numerous tumors throughout my body.

5. Did you beat the cancer? Knowing you had a recurrence, tell us about that. Tell us what kind of cancer it is and where it has been found and how developed or progressed it is.

As we just learned from the previous question, no, I did not beat it. It came back in 2014 with a freaking vengeance. And, I’m still battling it. But, now it seems to be contained. It is not growing and not active and so far is not spreading any more.

6. Mentally, physically and spiritually, how did you handle the news of this recurrence? How did you family and friends handle it? How strong of a chance of beating it again did the doctors offer you?

I just reasoned it out: I gotta do what I gotta do and we’ll make it happen. Physically, its rough. Lots of pain and lots of being tired. This time, its back and it ain’t going away. Spiritually and mentally, its hard on me and hard on my family. Family has to stand by and watch but they can’t really do anything. Its stressful for all of us.

7. What treatments are/have you taken for this round of cancer? Tell us specifically any side effects the treatments have had, such as chemo causing skin cracking, etc, as well as any others. Did you take RSO and/or CBD hemp oil for this recurrence?

This time I am taking chemo. Its nasty. Horrible stuff with horrible side effects. Chemo is nasty and so are all the other medications I take. They cause me so much pain and discomfort and inflammation all around my body.

This time, I knew I didn’t want to take RSO anymore. I just couldn’t handle being high and sleepy all the time. I found CBD hemp oil and that helped with MANY of these side effects. Namely, the CBD took away a lot of the pain and discomfort I was having from the medications and the cancer. The CBD from Hemp really made a huge difference in my life. One huge piece of proof for me of what CBD could do was this: from the medications, I had blistering feet and hands; they would bleed and itch and they were horribly painful. Within days of beginning CBD, it was gone! GONE! It was then that I knew what CBD was capable of.

8. Knowing at some point you began taking CBD, why did you do this and what did it do for you? If it provided actual benefit towards beating the cancer, how could the doctors’ tests and results support this, if they could?

As I stated previously, I took it and found out it helped immensely with the various pains I had.

While there is no actual test that shows what the CBD is doing –vs- what the chemo is doing, the doctors are all very supportive of me taking the CBD and they believe it is helping. In fact, I have met many other cancer patients whose oncologists have recommended they find some and begin taking it. A lot of oncologists these days seem to be recommending CBD hemp oil.

9. Specifically, why do you take the CBD Hemp Oil drops you take? How do you take them?

Well, as you know, we conducted a lot of research before I started taking any CBD. And, it seemed that the company who now supplies our company (Highland Pharms) with our CBD for our products had the best quality and had actual testing to support what they were doing. So, I tried their CBD. Their CBD is now in our bottles. So, obviously, I now use our brand: Highland Pharms CBD hemp oil.

It is not the cheapest. It is not the most expensive. However, based on the various ones I’ve taken, for me, at least, it is the best.

I take it by putting it into vegan caps. I do this because hemp oil doesn’t taste that great. Again, I’ve tried others and some taste like licking the bottom of an ash tray. Ours at least tastes natural, like a plant. But, its still not “yum yum”, you know what I mean? Now a days I can take it straight and its no big deal. But, I still take it in caps because its just easiest for me to build a bunch of caps, then pop a cap when I’m supposed to. Its an easy way to get my dosage when I need it. And, now, I’m taking between 45mg and 60mg a day, depending on how I’m feeling. That’s a pretty high dose, but I’m not a tiny guy AND that’s just what my body needs. To me, not feeling as bad as I used to is well worth it.

10. This is your chance to open the microphone and tell anyone whatever you’d like to tell them about your experience with CBD hemp oil and Cancer.

I don’t have a whole lot to add. What I will say, though, is that we’ve needed to get this message out for a while. Hemp is fantastic plant and people need to know about it. They need to do their research and come to their own conclusions. But, obviously, it has helped me and I believe it can help many others.

And, there you have it. From Luke Johnston, Co-Owner of Highland Pharms CBD and Cancer Fighter! Feel free to leave comments or questions below:

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