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Is Hemp Paleo? Ancient History Suggests Yes.

One thing that popped out at me in their initial paragraph was that they claimed that some folks who are very into the Paleo diet have stated that hemp would not follow their diet plan, for whatever reason.

Who in their right mind would say that one of the oldest known crops in human history, in fact, according to this article, smack dab in the latter part of the Plestocene Epoch 160,000 years ago, isn’t paleo!?!?!? I won’t judge the rest of the well researched article based on this…

The Paleolithic period is the time period in human history dates back to as early as 3.3 million years ago, and is alleged that this period is when humans began to develop culture and stone tools. It is also where the Paleo diet derives its name from.

One of the physicians who made the paleo diet popular, Loren Cordain, Ph.D., says that one should consider hemp, particularly its seeds, as a secondary food source in the diet plan. Meaning that one should consume the seeds in moderation, and as an additional ingredient to things like salads. And it should be in its raw state, not roasted.

I hadn’t really heard of the Denisovans prior to this article, which didn’t really go into depth on who they were. Turns out they were closely related to the Neanderthals, and are supposedly extinct. I say supposedly because odds are that some of their DNA may be found in modern humans from certain parts of the globe.

The fact that hemp was used for its food, fiber, and potentially medicine going back to at least the Denisovans shows me that hemp is absolutely paleo when taken in its raw form.

While most of the CBD products are not fully raw, we do have a good selection of products where the extract was not decarboxylated, meaning that Raw CBDa is available for your pleasure, should you wish to enjoy hemp as close to paleo as possible.

Cannabis sativa, the plant that produces marijuana and its non-psychoactive cousin hemp, has been used by humans for more than 25,000 years. Here, we explore how hemp can be incorporated as an integral part of a healthful Paleo Diet and sustainable lifestyle. Is hemp Paleo? Some Paleo purists have argued no. However, history suggests that ancient human ancestors – the Denisovans, living 160,000 years ago on the Tibetan Plateau – may have been among the first to discover the benefits of the Cannabis sativa plant for food, fiber and medicine – long before the advent of civilization and agriculture, thus qualifying it for consideration in a Primal Diet and lifestyle. Both marijuana and its non-psychoactive cousin hemp come from the cannabis plant, the origins of which have been traced back 28 million years to this central Asian region that lies at an elevation of 10,700 feet between the Himalayan […]

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