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Oregon Marijuana Sales Spike Could Continue As Consumers ‘Permanently Adjust Their Behavior’ Following COVID

Oregon Marijuana Sales Spike Could Continue As Consumers ‘Permanently Adjust Their Behavior’ Following COVID

Here in Oregon, we have had a spike in cannabis usage since this whole virus thing started.

As you may recall, and because I tend to be an obscure news junky, we started to incorporate elevated levels of caution in dealing with incoming inventory.

We published that blog on Feb 27th, and had started fine-tuning and implementing that process several weeks prior. I watched the videos of folks in China allegedly falling over in the street at random. At the time, it was quite concerning.

We continue to perform the incoming sanitation procedures, despite conflicting reports in the media and from health authorities.

Back to the record cannabis sales up here, it has been quite inspiring to watch. Oregon tended to be a drunkard state priority to the medical and recreational programs. It is cloudy and/or rainy for most of the year, keeping natural Vitamin D production down, and keeping moods down in the dumps. Many searched for answers at the bottom of the bottle, and when they didn’t find the answer, they tried another.

Cannabis is not a central nervous system depressant like alcohol is. It takes the edge off without affecting many of the body functions as alcohol does.

Recent reports also indicate that cannabis, because it is a patented anti-oxidant, seems to help with the extreme oxidative reaction known as a cytokine storm.

Anywho, I am glad to see the surge in cannabis usage. Really makes the past few decades of pushing the envelope when it comes to cannabis worth it knowing that many are finding a better quality of life through this amazing plant.

Stay well.

Record-setting Oregon marijuana sales continue to be a bright spot in the state’s coronavirus-slowed economy, state analysts reported this week, but a convergence of unknowns—including the end of federal coronavirus relief and a possible rise in cannabis prices due to devastating wildfires—could still mean a rocky road ahead for consumers. “Marijuana sales continue to be strong,” Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis wrote in a quarterly revenue forecast published on Wednesday. “Since the pandemic began, the increase in recreational sales have been more than 30 percent above forecast.” The increase tracks with other more established cannabis markets, such as those in Colorado, Washington and Nevada, which have also seen “strong gains” since the pandemic, the office said. “There are a number of likely reasons for these higher level of sales and expectations are that some of these increases will be permanent.” Oregon Office of Economic Analysis Analysts also expressed a […]

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