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Pleasanton company will use ice and water to process hemp

When reading about this processing plant in Nebraska, the US's largest ice water extraction facility when it opens, my mouth started to water. I love fresh frozen ice water extracts! -Jason
October 5, 2020

From my earlier days, I remember hearing about this thing called hash. I didn’t know much about the extract, and ditto with the plant around that time period.

Several decades ago, a dear friend of mine had gone on a vacation overseas, and brought back a great variety of hash. Cultures from countries like Morocco, Spain, Lebanon, and more have spent centuries working with the plant in simple ways.

Charas is a type of hash that originates from Northern India. A few weeks prior to harvest time, the farmers and their helpers will begin to roll the cannabis flowers between their hands, using their hands as the extraction method.

The plant resins will excrete and stick to their hands, and after the flower is no longer releasing resin, they collect the resin and then smoke it.

There was also a process that produced one of my favorite types of extracts: full melt bubble hash.

And when reading about this processing plant in Nebraska, the US’s largest ice water extraction facility when it opens, my mouth started to water.

The most delectable part of the plant are the trichomes. There is no plant matter. No chlorophyll. Virtually only terpenes and cannabinoids.

This plant will utilize enormous ice water extraction machines to take fresh harvested, frozen, or dried hemp flower to knock the trichomes off of the cannabis flower to produce ice water extracted hemp hash.

I do feel that with such commercial sized operations that you will be losing the boutique touch of craftsman quality of a 6-star FFIWE, exchanging quality for quantity. Thankfully the market will (at least it should) develop to be inclusive of the mass produced cannabis products and craft quality products.

I love having choices when it comes to cannabis, and I look forward to seeing more choices come around when it comes to ice water hash from hemp.

PLEASANTON, Neb. (AP) — When the Sweetwater Hemp Company’s 16,000-square-foot hemp processing plant is operational in a few months, it will be the largest ice water extraction facility in the United States. CEO Rory Cruise told the Kearney Hub the plant will run two extraction lines and can process fresh, frozen or dried buds. He added that most hemp processing plants use solvents such as carbon dioxide, ethanol or butane to extract the cannabinoids CBD or CBG. “COVID has put me behind by about 3½ months,” Cruise said, so the equipment made by Canada’s Whistler Technologies — north of Vancouver — has not been delivered yet and processing likely won’t begin until January. There will be two 2,000-liter systems, which will allow identity-preserved batches based on CBD or CBG and different plant genetics and markets. Cruise said the processing will start by mixing 133 pounds of buds with 600 […]

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