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VA Continues To Oppose Marijuana Research Bill For Military Veterans Under Biden

VA Continues To Oppose Marijuana Research Bill For Military Veterans Under Biden

For those who know me, they know how I feel about the majority (virtually every one) of politicians.

ESPECIALLY the life-long ‘public-servants’ who rail that things need to be fixed, yet never fix them. How else could they fund raise and get peoples’ attention?!

This holds true for the unelected delegates chosen by Congress to do their jobs for them.

As is well known, many of those who have been put in charge of the hen house are full time wolves, and this story about the VA is no different.

With the revolving door between bureaucratic tyrants and their in-house selections being ever the good-ol’-boys-club, I find that those in the petrochemical industry reigning over the health of those beneath them.

I do applaud good actions by nefarious characters when they come around. And the support for allowing cannabis use by the VA is an absolute necessity in my book. However, when it comes to the (lack of) leadership in these institutions, they prefer profits over people. Some even prefer the suffering and painful death of the peons over allowing themselves to admit they may have been wrong about the ‘devils lettuce’.

And there is a special place in hell for these clowns set on relishing and rejoicing over their fellow human’s pain.

There is less money in cures. You get lifelong BigPharma customers for dis-eases.

A Senate committee on Wednesday held a hearing on a bill to require the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to conduct clinical trials into the therapeutic potential of marijuana for military veterans with PTSD and chronic pain—but a VA representative said that the Biden administration is opposed to the reform. The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee discussed the cannabis proposal , sponsored by Chairman Jon Tester (D-MT) and Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), at the hearing, along with 20 other veterans-related bills. While VA officials gave the agency’s perspective on most of the other bills listed at the hearing, they did not orally weigh in on the marijuana measure. Instead, VA offered written testimony in opposition to the proposal. Despite bipartisan support for giving veterans access to alternative treatment options like cannabis, VA Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Health for Community Care Mark Upton said plainly that the agency “does […]

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