What is Difference Between Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana and Hemp? Know More About These Cannabis Plant Products and Where Are They Legal For Use?

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I was reading articles this morning and this one came across my feed. It drew my interest because I like to see what others say about the differences between these terms, and I was sorely disappointed with this one.

In their definition of ‘cannabis’, they say that, “Cannabis is a psychoactive drug made from Cannabis plant.”

Isn’t this what is called a circular definition? How in the world is one supposed to truly understand the plant with such enormously ignorant information like this spreading about?

That being said, cannabis is a genus of plants in the Cannabaceae family. There are ruderalis, indica, and sativa species. There are two legal classes of the plant based upon the THC content: hemp and marijuana. Weed is a slang term for cannabis.

And it really is that simple. And not circular like this article attempted to explain.

Have a great one!

Cannabis products (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Cannabis, weed, marijuana, hemp, Ganja, are all the names of recreational and medicinal drugs. Are all of them the same thing, why does one thing have so many different names? Are some of these questions that always come in your mind? Well, as much […]

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