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Effects of CBD

To be clear and truthful, the FDA will not permit us to make medical claims as to the effects of CBD. What we’ll do here, is pass along what we see and hear from our customers so you can make the determination of what some of the possible effects are. We have to maintain our integrity, both to allow us to continue offering CBD to our customers and to ensure that any message we pass along is a sensible one based on truth. Use this information at your own discretion.

The most commonly reported effect of cannabidiol or CBD that I get pertains to epilepsy and seizures. I have to say I never knew how common of a condition epilepsy is, but apparently its pretty commonplace. We have customers who return to us repeatedly to purchase CBD Hemp Oil Extract and other forms of CBD. I have heard story after story about how it has helped people go from having a couple of seizures daily to maybe one a week or so.

I have customers who normally place orders online without any interaction with us, but who decide to phone in their order so they can share their appreciation for what we are doing. Some live in states where they cannot get medical or legal marijuana and have no options other than CBD from hemp. They call to pass along their joy. They see firsthand the effects of CBD on their childrens seizures.

Another common recurring purchase of CBD is for restless leg syndrome. I had no idea before we began making CBD Oil for sale that so many people have this condition. We have customers who are able to sleep in the same bed again after years of not being able to. We have people reporting that they are waking rested, feeling as if they have their life back.

Chronic Pain is another category that we hear continually about the effects of CBD. While I could write about MY story about the results I get with my spinal disc pinching a nerve in my back, I’ll instead pass along that customers are reporting “having” (humor intended) to go shopping with their wife again since they can now get out and walk without feeling intense pain in their legs and joints.

Firsthand report from one of our owners, here: It should be no surprise by now that Luke, one of our owners has metastatic colon cancer. We’ve reported on it and his situation several times. He can attest to the effects of CBD for him with his cancer condition. When he first began taking CBD, he had cracked, irritated skin from intense doses of chemo. His feet and hands itched, bled and burned. Within 24 hours of taking his first dose of CBD, the intense discomfort mellowed greatly.

Within 3 days, he could see the skin visually repairing. And, after about 7 days of taking CBD, he could still see where the irritation was, but there was no open sores or anything left. Then, he went in for another round of chemo. And, this time, the skin never broke out. The skin stayed in good condition while he let the chemo do its work. Additionally, his tumors have become dormant while taking CBD and chemo. He can’t say for sure that the CBD is doing that or the chemo is. But, he’s not taking any chances by stopping the CBD!

These are all reports from our customers about the effects of CBD. Again, use this information as you will.

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