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What we Wish We Could Say about CBD

We get asked so many different questions, but most center around which CBD Should I Take? Should I buy drops? Should I buy vape oil? Should I buy the paste? Which one works best for cancer? Which one works best for chronic pain? Which CBD works best for seizures?

Oh, we wish we could tell you what all we know. We talk with a lot of customers each and every day. And, yes, we know what people are finding out about CBD and their particular condition. We know which products are the most re-ordered and we know in what forms people prefer their CBD.


But, the FDA makes us treat CBD almost as if it doesn’t exist. Essentially, they make us treat it as a food product. More so, they make us treat it like it doesn’t exist. Basically, they allow us to sell hemp seed oil (that oh, by the way, has CBD in it) and you can use the hemp seed oil for whatever nourishment you may want. And, yes, they allow us to sell hemp extract, also to be used as whatever nourishment you want. But, they don’t really let us get into the selling of CBD (cannabidiol) for what it is.

As such, they won’t let us know what the manufacturers intend the CBD to be used for. And, we can’t really say what CBD is doing for so many people around the globe. You have to do your own research and decide which brands, types, forms of CBD you want to purchase and go from there.

Believe me, we WISH we could tell you what all we know. And, we get asked in almost every phone call, a question that we simply cannot answer. So, please know that we toe the line pretty sternly and can and will only discuss that which we can. But, as I’m sure you know and respect, we cannot jeopardize our ability to deliver these products to you by saying something we should not.

What I would suggest you do, though, is formulate your questions into a form which we can answer. For instance, we cannot answer: Which CBD helps best with “my condition”? What we can answer is: Is Brand X or Brand Y more commonly re-ordered by customers with “my condition”? Or, do more customers re-order X product or Y product? We can very definitely answer these types of questions and we are more than happy to. Please know we would love nothing more to answer the real questions you have, but we simply cannot.

One other note, please know that everyone is different. And, it doesn’t mean a product is good or bad if it does or does not help you. It simply means your body didn’t respond well to it. This being the case, just because others find one product doesn’t seem to help them as much as another, if you see a product on our website that is “calling your name”, you know, really standing out, it might be that it is THE ONE that you should try. This is often the case. Many people just seem to connect with a particular product type and they try it and it turns out to be just what they wanted. So, trust your instinct; your body often intuitively knows what it wants.

I hope this info helps!

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