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If you’re interested in expanding your business selling quality hemp products, you might be wondering where to get started. There are many options, including buying wholesale hemp products, importing them yourself from overseas, or creating your own product line. Whichever option you choose, there are some things you should consider when deciding whether to go this route.

First, if you decide to create your own hemp products, you’ll need to find manufacturers who can produce quality products at a reasonable price. This means finding a manufacturer who won’t cut corners on production costs. We are that producer. We also have low MOQs.

Second, you’ll need to determine if you want to sell white label hemp products or create your own brand name. White labeling allows you to use another company’s finished product with your brand name, logo, and packaging. However, it does not always allow you to control the content of the product. We have the ability to place your branding and labels on the packaging, and we can also discuss changes to formulations that suit your desired end product in some instances.

Third, you’ll need to decide if you want to buy wholesale hemp products or import them yourself. Buying wholesale products allows you to save money, but it requires you to pay for shipping and handling fees. Importing your own products eliminates these fees, but you must pay for customs duties and taxes.

Finally, you’ll need to figure out how to finance your hemp business. Financing options include getting loans, applying for grants, or starting a crowdfunding campaign. However, securing financing in our industry can be quite difficult to obtain. We offer net 60 terms through a respected financing option, which we can discuss in full later. Meaning that we have financing available for your CBD business.

Use the form below for the best way to get in touch with us. Be sure to select the ‘Wholesale Request’ option in the third step, and leave a detailed message so that we may assist you in the best way we can to get you and your hemp business grow.

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