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Why countries in southern Africa could become leaders in the cannabis sector

Why countries in southern Africa could become leaders in the cannabis sector

How long must African countries be considered developing nations? A lot of chicanery has occurred on this massive continent that is larger than 3 United States over the many milenia humans have existed.

Some of this is self inflicted, some comes from external sources.

In recent centuries, China, US, and Europe have been fighting to be the ‘friends’ of the African people. And in actuality they are fighting to control and pillage the vast resources of this amazing continent.

Which is why I like to see developments like this article linked below. Being able to grow their own cannabis for both domestic usage as well as create a market for exportation should bring in lots of foreign dollars into their economies.

Personally, however, I am not familiar with the environmental protections these countries have, or really don’t have, so I am weary of the crops that will come from there. Hemp is an incredible bio-accumulator, and sucks up things like heavy metals and radiation and other agricultural chemicals.

I say should, because the tricksters are still attempting to work their black magic on the countries through the use of complicated debt infrastructure deals that are designed to make these countries indebted to multinationals from China, the US, and Europe.

I do hope to see the African leadership bring this potential development into reality and design it for the prosperity of their own people and not for the corporate boards of foreigners.

An ultra-modern ventilation system blows gentle wind over thousands of hemp plants. The cultivation does not exactly correspond to the usual cliché. The plants do not grow secretly in illegal sheds or on mountain slopes, but in 18 industrial greenhouses in Lesotho. It is medical cannabis grown in the small kingdom that is completely enclosed by South African territory. The greenhouses may only be entered with rubber gloves and protective clothing. Read more about southern African countries and their goal of becoming leaders in the cannabis sector and find the latest financial headlines with our companion app Born2Invest. Hemp as a miracle plant for medicine and industry The reason is obvious, said Andre Bothma, Managing Director of Medigrow. Because cannabis is a medical product for which there must be appropriate facilities and precautions. Bothma pointed out that the market requires a high proportion of cannabidiol active ingredients (CBD). “Our […]

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