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Will Low-THC Cannabis Be The Next Big Trend?

tl/dr; It already is a big trend! You made it here, right?
September 29, 2020

I thought this was going to be a quick one, with me writing that this has been a trend for at least since I started selling CBD online back in 2013.

However, after delving into this article, I saw some basic misinfo that is easy to spread.

The article states that high THC containing strains are harder to cultivate. This is patently false. I have had THC dominant plant genetics that were so easy to grow. I have had other high THC genetics that were quite finicky.

Some of those plants needed demonstrably more nitrogen in different growth stages. Some wanted more trace elements. Still others wanted more silica or phosphorous. And this is the same for CBD dominant plants.

I have never heard the term ‘floral hemp‘ before today. This must be a European thing. Or, if I have heard it, I dismissed it from my memory. This is entirely possible.

What I really liked, and expands on one of my earlier commentary posts that mentions my thoughts on raising the THC limit for hemp, is that Switzerland’s regulations allow hemp to contain up to 1% THC. This would be tremendously beneficial to the farmers who are risking not only various types of capital, but in more strict locales they are risking jail for a crop that tests hot.

Plus, during processing, it is possible to remediate THC from the extract so that you have a more compliant extract at the end.

To sum up, this is a silly post title, as low THC cannabis is already a trend. It’s called hemp.

You are on this site, right???

For many decades THC was the most popular and well-known cannabinoid. That has changed in recent years to some extent. THC is still very popular, however, other cannabinoids have seen their popularity increase recently, with CBD seeing the most dramatic increase in popularity and awareness. Google search trends show that CBD is queried more often than THC, and that has been the case for a few years now. Interest in CBD is clearly on the rise, but what about actual use? Will CBD products, often referred to as ‘low-THC’ products, ever eclipse THC in terms of actual popularity among consumers and patients? More Favorable Laws Most internationally available low-THC products are derived from hemp, and the laws and regulations for hemp are typically more favorable in many countries compared to non-hemp varieties of […]

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