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Woof Woof: The Cannabis Canine Has Spoken

On June 13, 2016, a woman by the name of Jennifer Gray posted a YouTube video of her twelve year old dog, a pug. In this video, when Lilly the pug attempted to walk, she had to drag her posterior across the carpet because she had such severe arthritis she could not stand up to… Read More »
December 3, 2016

On June 13, 2016, a woman by the name of Jennifer Gray posted a YouTube video of her twelve year old dog, a pug. In this video, when Lilly the pug attempted to walk, she had to drag her posterior across the carpet because she had such severe arthritis she could not stand up to walk properly. It was a heart wrenching sight for any dog lover to see. Obviously too, the dog was not happy but doing the best she could. Happily, Jennifer posted another video of her pug after six weeks of being on CBD oil. Amazingly, Lilly’s arthritis was doing MUCH better and Lilly was happily walking around and wagging her tail!

The internet has dramatically changed how we communicate and share information. When the internet first began, it was just text because the connection speed was just too slow to offer anything more. However, within a few years, our connection speeds got fast enough for us to share pictures but not fast enough to share video…. but oh how times changed in a short amount of time! Most of us now have access to high speed internet. We also now have cheap ways to take home videos built into many of our consumer end electronic devices. It’s 2016 and almost anyone can throw a video of their dog online and almost anyone can view that video, like the videos Jennifer Gray so graciously posted of her dog Lilly on YouTube (thank you Lilly!).

There’s an old expression: “Seeing is believing!” As humans, we use many forms of evidence and rationale to decide whether or not something is true. Visual evidence, especially video evidence, is especially convincing because it allows us to see some before our very eyes. We can see movement and a whole sequence of actions. This is why online video evidence is so convincing when someone is researching questions like, “Can CBD oil help my dog?” “Can CBD oil help my dog’s arthritis?” Can CBD oil help my dog’s seizures?” “Can CBD oil reduce my dog’s anxiety?” “Can CBD oil help my dog’s skin rashes?” “Can CBD oil help my dog with cancer?”

While dogs don’t speak human languages like English, Spanish, and French, they certainly communicate things to use through their body language and behavior. There’s also happy barks, sad barks, and “I’m in pain” barks and moans. As dog lovers, we know the difference and the messages our dogs send us are plainly understood. Online videos helps us evaluate the effectiveness of CBD oil when other dog people are nice enough to share their videos of their own dogs with us. We can also reciprocate in kind.

Now, if there was only one online video, or two online videos, or three online videos showing how dogs improve, often dramatically so, after taking taking CBD oil, we might be tempted to think that it’s somehow a hoax, or at least consider that possibility… we might think that it was at least theoretically possible that Lilly the pug was trained to drag her posterior across the carpet in a pitiful way and there was some unknown ulterior motive for her human to post that video online (unlikely for sure!)…. but alas, we see that there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of such evidentiary videos and personal testimonials online, most of them on webpages or social media pages where the person is not selling anything and does not have any financial gain for doing so. They are just posting personal videos because they are so happy their dog is now doing better after taking CBD oil. Many dog people also share how much more expensive drugs prescribed by their vet did not work while CBD oil did work.

According to YouTube videos posted by a man with the username, “peaceloveandpitbulls,” his ten year old pitbull, Shorty, was diagnosed with lymphoma on March 14, 2015. All the lymph nodes on Shorty’s body were hugely swollen and the vet gave Shorty eight weeks to live. As of a video posted on June 23, 2016, Shorty is still alive, and not only that, he seems very happy, active, and glad to be alive! Other videos between those times show Shorty actively swimming laps (chasing a pole) in the swimming pool after his diagnosis and after the CBD oil had improved his condition. Obviously, this is an amazing story and there are many more like it online and documented through video. CBD oil is being used to help many sick dogs and puppies. The documentation of this is building very quickly!

Seeing IS believing!

If you want to see these types of videos, showing how CBD oil is helping dogs all over the country, just go to YouTube, Facebook, and other online places where ordinary people post home videos and do some keyword searches.

If you need help in knowing how much CBD oil and which CBD oil product we offer is best for your dog, please shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re happy to help and we love helping dogs with our products.

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