Review the list below to find the answer to your Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.) about Hemp (CBD) Oil:

Question 1:
Can you recommend a product for me?  I have “insert condition here”.

Answer 1:
Unfortunately, the FDA does not let us recommend any product for a particular condition.  Nor are we allowed to say that any of these products will or may work for a particular condition.  What we CAN tell you is that we have hundreds of customers returning each month to purchase these products for conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, fibromaylgia/chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis and so much more.  The fact that they return regularly leads us to believe that they must be finding the relief and well being they’re searching for.

Question 2:
Which products work best?

Answer 2:
The question here really seems to be not so much which products work best, but rather, which products work best for your body/condition?  At the base of it all, you have to know that “everyone is different”.  And, because of this, what works for some may or may not work for others and visa versa.  Different brands use different plant strains and add different sideline ingredients and so, some of these will work better or less on you than on others.  The only way to truly know what works best for you is to try them.

There is SOME specific info we can give here, though.  And, this is:  it seems that Drops tend to get re-ordered more than others.  Re-ordering is what tells us what is working for people and their conditions.  But, we suspect that the reason they are working for people is not so much because the product is better, but moreso because people can adequately measure and continually adjust the amount they’re getting.  With many products, what you get in a serving is what you get.  But, with drops, you can start by knowing how many milligrams of CBD are in each drop, then, adjust your serving size until you find that “sweet spot” of how much CBD is right for you.  Because of this, people have the ability to adjust their serving size until they find what they’re looking for and thus will re-order because of their newfound well-being.

Also, we can tell you that the 2 brands that are MOST re-ordered are Highland Pharms Drops and CW Botanicals (Charlotte’s Web) Drops.  Again, re-ordering is a big indicator for us.

Question 3:
How much CBD should I take?

Answer 3:
Keep in mind that the FDA won’t let us make any claims that cannabinoids, specifically CBD, can/will/may do anything for you.  Therefore, we cannot say how much CBD you should take/need.  But, we can tell you that there is a page with a chart of info, based on weight and severity of condition, that can help you identify a starting amount you can try.  (note:  there is no definitive, scientific number that can be “prescribed” as the FDA makes us treat Hemp (CBD) products as a food type product. So, the info on the chart is merely a guideline for you to use and adjust as you see fit.).

The chart can be found on this page:  HOW MUCH CBD SHOULD I TAKE?

Whatever your number is on the page referenced above, we recommend people start by taking that amount, twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for the first 3-4 days.  Then, by listening to your body, adjust up or down as you see fit.  Some people can go to just once per day; some may need three times per day.  Some may be able to reduce the number of milligrams; some may need to increase.  Work with adjusting the amount until you get to your “sweet spot”.

Question 4:
How do I take the drops?  Empty Stomach or no?  Before bed?

Answer 4:
Again, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, so you can play with these answers as you see fit.  But, generally, the best way to take these products, especially drops and the extract (syringes), is to put it under your tongue for about a minute and a half, then swallow.  If you don’t like the taste, then you can put it in cold liquids, but know it will generally be a little less effective and might require you to increase your serving size some.  What time of day you take it generally doesn’t matter, nor does it matter about an empty stomach or not.

Question 5:
Do you ship outside the United States?

Answer 5:
While these products are legal in many countries, we do not ship outside the U.S. due to too many past orders not making it to their intended recipients.  So, we simply do not ship outside the U.S.

Question 6:
Are these Products legal in my state?

Answer 6:
These products using extracts from hemp and not marijuana, ARE legal in all 50 states.  All the products we sell on this website ARE legal in all 50 states, since marijuana is not used in the making of any of them.

Question 7:
My state just legalized Cannabis Oil, but I’m told I need a medical card to buy it.  How can these products be sent to me in my state without a medical card?

Answer 7:
The recently legalized Cannabis Oils and Cannabis CBD Oils that states are beginning to permit are different from the products we sell.  The CBD is molecularly the same exact CBD.  But, the newly legalized Cannabis Oils you’re hearing about are extracted from marijuana, and, as such, fall under all the legal ramifications of state and federal laws.  The CBD from Hemp products we sell are not from marijuana and therefore, are not under the same laws and restrictions that the marijuana CBD products are.  But, again, at the molecular level, CBD is CBD and there is no difference.  But, in the eyes of the laws, CBD from marijuana is a controlled substance.  CBD from Hemp is not.  Crazy laws.

Question 8:
Will these products show up on a drug test?

Answer 8:
There is THC in most every CBD Hemp Product we sell, albeit a very negligible amount.  The extremely low amount is why people don’t get “high” using these products.  But, since there IS THC present, the test results will depend on the parameters of the test.  If the test parameters are set for any level of THC above absolute zero, then, yes, most likely a positive test will result.  However, tests for absolute zero are very uncommon, and usually, the threshold is set at some point above zero to minimize too many false positives.  In these tests where the pass/fail level is set above zero, it is highly unlikely to return a positive.

Here is an excellent article from a noted industry veteran on the subject (the webpage is an outside source of information):  CBD Hemp Drug Testing

It is always our recommendation, if you have any concerns on the subject, to talk with whomever may be testing you prior to using any of the products, to ensure you don’t have any issues after using these products.

Question 9:
Will I get high using these products?

Answer 9:
We have never heard of anyone feeling any sort of “high” after using these products.

Question 10:
Do you have any coupons for first time customers?  For Veterans?  For Senior Citizens?

Answer 10:
We used to have coupons for various groups.  But, we realized this was highly unfair to many of our repeat customers.  It was our reasoning that if we can sell these products at a lower price to anyone, then we should sell these products at a lower price to EVERYONE!  We are not here for the money of it all.  We are here to help people find the well-being they seek.  By helping as many people as we can, we will receive our “just” payback.  And, so, we permanently reduced the price on almost every product to ensure we are helping as many as we can.  At that time, we did away with the coupons.

Question 11:
I know you offer Free Shipping on all orders.  What if I need my order quickly?

Answer 11:
During the checkout process, you will see the option for Free Shipping.  You will also see an option to “Refresh/Display Rates”.  By clicking “Refresh/Display Rates”, you will see two ugraded shipping options.  One is Priority Mail, which is typically 2-3 business days to anywhere in the U.S.  The other option is Priority Mail Express, which is typically 1-2 business days anywhere in the U.S.

Question 12:
Why are there so many different kinds of products?  Drops, edibles, vaporizer oils, syringes?  Surely one works better than the other, no?

Answer 12:
While all brands use extract from their own plant lines, at the heart of every product is the hemp oil extract.  This extract is what is gained from the plant during extraction.  This extract, just as it comes from the plant, is what you find in the syringes and tubes and even many of the jar dabs.  But, because this gooey, sticky, tarry messy extract typically doesn’t taste very good to too many people, manufacturers insert that same extract into various products to make it easier to take the extract and/or more tasty.  For instance, Drops are generally nothing more than a carrier oil (usually hemp seed oil, MCT oil, grape seed oil or olive oil) that has been infused with the extract.  This makes it easier to take, because again, the pure extract is sticky and messy.  Drops are easy to work with.  And, because the carrier oils typically “cut” the heavy taste of the extract and because flavorings are usually added, they tend to taste better than the hemp oil extract by itself.  Additionally, vaporizer oils are nothing more than a vape-able oil that has the hemp extract added to it.  Again, this is truly what all the products are:  various mediums that have had the hemp extract added to it for convenience and improved flavor.

Question 13:
The side of the package says I should take “x” amount, but your chart shows I should take a different amount.  Whom do I trust?

Answer 13:
Its very unfortunate, but the FDA requires all Hemp (CBD) product manufacturers to treat the products as a food and not as nutritional supplements.  As such, they are all required to be some arbitrary serving size on the package.  But, as clearly shown on the chart you mention, there can be huge variance in how much someone should actually take as compared to what another person should take.

Food products, just like a loaf of bread, has to have some serving size, regardless of how much you might eat.  For instance, a serving size on a loaf of bread found at the grocery store says 1 slice.  We all know that, based upon someone’s hunger level or desired food intake, someone might eat 2 slices of bread with their sandwich in order to satisfy their hunger.  So, again, in all food packaging, serving sizes are merely arbitrary amounts that a food manufacturer must put on the label as per FDA requirements.  This is the same with Hemp (CBD) products.

Question 14:
Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Answer 14:
Since CBD from Hemp is legal in many countries around the world, we originally shipped to countries beyond our borders.  However, many times, even though legal, the packages would be confiscated in those countries’ Customs Departments, leaving customers with nothing.  Therefore, we have decided to no longer ship outside the U.S.

Question 15:
What do these products taste like?

Answer 15:
This is very difficult to answer since taste is subjective.  It’s important to remember that generally speaking, you’re not wanting to take these for the taste; you’re wanting them for the well-being they may provide you.  Some people find the taste of the various products kind of good, while some people find them to not taste good at all.  But, like herbal extracts or medicines which you take because they help you feel better, most people are willing to deal with a few seconds of whatever the taste is for what it is they get from these products.  Granted, some of the products are considered to typically taste better than others.  Usually, reading the product description page will provide you with enough information to find the products that generally taste better than the others.  But, please, for your own benefit, keep your mind open to the fact that you’re wanting the product that will potentially provide you with the MOST WELL-BEING, first, and the best flavor, second.

Question 16:

How do I need to store my Hemp (CBD) Oil products?  Do they need to be kept in the refrigerator?  How long is the shelf life?

Answer 16:

With the possible exception of any of the solids (syringes, jars, etc), you can store these in a cabinet in the kitchen/pantry away from the stove/heat.  Typically, just store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.  For the products that are typically more solid, if your home is slightly too warm causing the products to be softer than you wish, you CAN store them in the refrigerator to harden them some.  However, this is not required.  Shelf life for most of these products (not including edibles which typically have their own expiration date printed on the products) is 2 years.

Question 17:

Why don’t you take PayPal as a payment method?

Answer 17:
Unfortunately, many banks, including PayPal, will not process payments for Hemp CBD products.

If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to submit an Online Contact form and someone will reply within 1 business day.