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9 Claw-some Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Does your cat suffer from chronic pain or anxiety? CBD oil may help. Click here and find out all the incredible benefits of CBD oil for cats.
Jason L is a 1st time father to a bouncing baby boy, and long time cannabis enthusiast.

Written By Jason L

On March 18, 2019

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Did you know more than 22 million cats in the United States suffer from an anxiety or fear issue? Like humans, our furry companions can develop illnesses and chronic conditions.

Treating issues as diverse as cancer and anxiety is important to American pet owners. Your pet isn’t just a companion. They’re part of your family, and you want to take care of them like you’d take care of a human family member.

As is the case for humans, CBD oil for cats seems to have some amazing health benefits. Research is starting out in this area, but the results are already promising. Here are nine of the most “claw-some” benefits CBD oil could give your feline friend.

1. Reduce the Discomfort of Chronic Pain Conditions

In human medicine, cannabidiol is well-known as an effective pain reliever. One of the most common reasons people use CBD is managing chronic pain conditions.

Our feline friends often develop the same conditions, especially as they get older. Senior cats may develop:

  • Arthritis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Neuropathy and nerve pain

Cats that have been injured or involved in an accident may also have continuing pain. Other health conditions, such as cancer or diabetes, can cause pain too.

CBD oil can help reduce pain and swelling. It relieves inflammation in both humans and cats by turning off the signal for swelling.

2. CBD Oil for Cats May Help with Mental Health

As we noted, millions of cats in the US have at least one anxiety or fear issue. Our feline companions can develop other mental health conditions like depression too.

Many pet owners choose not to treat mental health conditions in their furry friends. There are many reasons for this. Some people may believe:

  • The condition isn’t that serious
  • Cats don’t experience mental health issues like humans do
  • There’s no effective treatment for mental health issues
  • Treatment is too expensive

CBD oil for cats’ anxiety is an effective and often affordable treatment. It’s doing a lot to change people’s minds about their pets’ mental wellness.

3. Helps Manage Seizures and Epilepsy

Some cats suffer from seizures. Epilepsy is one cause of seizures, which happen when there are electrical disruptions in the brain. Seizures can be both scary and dangerous.

There’s evidence for CBD’s effectiveness at managing epileptic seizures in humans. It’s little wonder some people asked if CBD oil for cat seizures would be as effective. So far, the answer appears to be yes.

While CBD doesn’t cure the condition, it can reduce the number of seizures your pet experiences. It also comes with fewer side effects than some of the other medications used to treat epilepsy.

4. CBD Could Help Skin Conditions

Another health problem CBD could help with is skin conditions. CBD offers anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers are looking at how this affects inflammatory skin conditions in humans.

Your cat may not suffer from acne, but many cats do have dry, itchy, flaky skin. In some cases, this is the result of an allergic reaction. CBD seems to have some effect on the immune system as well, which controls allergic reactions.

CBD oil can also improve your pet’s coat. Pet owners who use CBD oil report their cats have shinier, softer coats.

If you’re asking, “How much CBD oil should I give my cat?”, you should know that you can apply CBD oil topically for cats. They have cannabinoid receptors on their skin.

Most of the time, though, CBD oil is given orally, even if you’re treating a skin condition. Since cats are usually smaller than dogs, you’ll want to use less. Products for cats will state the appropriate dosage.

5. Manage IBS Symptoms with CBD

Another potential benefit for pets is relief from digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. No one is quite sure what causes IBS, but it does present with inflammation and pain.

As we’ve established, CBD is helpful for managing both of those symptoms. While CBD doesn’t cure the underlying issues, it can help your feline friend feel better.

6. Can Reduce Nausea and Vomiting

Many cat owners deal with frequent vomiting in their pets. This is caused by any number of conditions. As unpleasant as it is for you, you know it must be worse for Fluffy.

What if you could use CBD cat treats to reduce vomiting? CBD is a well-known anti-emetic. In fact, one of its uses in humans is helping cancer patients manage nausea and vomiting.

Whether your cat is undergoing cancer treatment or has another condition, CBD could help.

7. May Help Fight Infection

Another potential benefit of CBD is that it could help fight some infections. Researchers have noted that CBD seems to boost immune function. It could help pets and pet parents alike fight certain infections.

8. Tame Aggressive Behaviors

In humans, CBD is often noted for its ability to ease stress and encourage relaxation. There’s almost no reason this effect wouldn’t extend to cats.

Aggressive behaviors in humans and animals can stem from fear. Since CBD helps relieve fear, it could also help tame aggression in cats. It may also help reduce stress and generally help them “mellow out.”

9. Improve Wellness all Around

Like their human companions, cats seem to benefit from CBD oil as a preventative measure. While only time will tell exactly what CBD can do over the long term, there are plenty of other benefits. CBD could improve your cat’s quality of life.

Be sure to use the right CBD oil dosage for cats. An overdose will cause lethargy.  Check labels for anything toxic or harmful to cats.

Take Steps to Improve Your Cat’s Health

CBD oil for cats has many benefits. If you want to help your pet feel better, CBD oil or treats might be a great choice.

If you’re looking for a great selection of CBD for pets, look no further. Our shop has treats, drops, and capsules galore.

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