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What CBD Methods Are Available for My Dog?

Are you considering treating your dog (or other pet!) with CBD? Read up on all the different methods of application you can try!

Written By Jason L

On July 3, 2019

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To your dog, life isn’t about quantity as much as it’s about quality. As a dog mom or dad, it’s your job to do whatever you can to help your pup live a healthy and happy life. That’s why many dog owners are turning to pet-friendly CBD treatments to alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety from their furry friends.

As for canines, CBD oil works wonders. CBD for dogs relieves anxiety, eliminates nausea, prevents seizures, and reduces overall physical pain. Let’s explore all of its benefits and how CBD products can help your furry friend stay pain-free.

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, products are derived from hemp plants. They interact with receptors in our bodies to curb unpleasant emotions and physical discomfort. Nearly 7% of Americans use CBD products daily, and that number is likely to rise to 10% by 2025.

For dogs, CBD products are made using food-grade solvents or pressurized carbon dioxide. Cannabinoids in CBD stimulate or sedate specific receptors to eliminate discomfort and stress in your pup.

Administering CBD to Your Dog

CBD drops and dog treats are the most popular ways people get their dogs to ingest CBD. Your pup can lick the CBD oil right off your hand, or you can use a dropper to place a small amount of CBD oil on a dog treat.

There aren’t regulated dosages to follow when it comes to giving your pup CBD, but there are general guidelines you can follow. Take your dog’s size, weight, and physical activity into account with administering CBD treatments. It’s best to start small with one drop (0.25mg once a day) and increase the dosage based on your pup’s reaction.

Pay attention to CBD potencies when purchasing oil for your dog. Small dogs should stick with 75mg, while large dogs can handle 300mg. The potency should always be labeled on your CBD bottle.


CBD for Dogs

CBD products help with chronic conditions in dogs, such as:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Lyme’s Disease flare-ups
  • Seizures
  • Digestive problems
  • Kidney failure

Keep an eye on how your dog reacts to the CBD treatments to ensure they’re receiving pain relief. If you have concerns, talk to your veterinarian.


1. Anxiety

Your dog may always seem happy, but canines suffer anxiety disorders just like humans.

Separation anxiety is the most common stress disorder among canines. Dogs get very attached to their owners and may destroy pillows, blankets, and furniture to cope with their uneasiness while you’re away. Other anxiety triggers include thunderstorms, past abuse, and trips to the vet.

When a dog’s anxiety increases, their body produces cortisol. CBD products naturally reverse high cortisol levels and produce calming neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. As a result of a proper CBD dosage, your dog should feel more relaxed, sleep, and at ease.

If you know what triggers anxiety in your pup, you can administer CBD treatments as a preventative measure. If you’re having a party and your dog gets nervous around new people, or a thunderstorm is about to rumble through, help your dog stay calm with a few healthy drops of CBD oil.

2. Nausea

Many dogs experience digestive problems, especially as they get older. Puppies who came from neglected homes or puppy mills may scarf down food so quickly, they get terrible tummy aches and experience poor bowel movements.

CBD oil naturally promotes balance throughout the body. It can sedate hunger in pups who are too eager to scarf down their dinner as well as encourage older dogs who may not want to eat to have a few bites. CBD products alleviate post-meal digestive problems like nausea, so your dog feels fine after he or she has finished dinner.

In turn, CBD will help your pup maintain a healthy weight and ensure he or she receives enough nutrients to stay strong. You’ll also notice less post-dinner vomiting thanks to CBD receptors calming your pup’s nerves.

3. Seizures

One of the first uses of CBD in people was for helping those suffering from epilepsy. CBD products neutralize bodily receptors that cause uncontrollable seizures. Now, research shows CBD products can also reduce seizures in dogs as well as people.

The AKC Canine Health Foundation announced its CBD study yielded promising results for using CBD products on dogs diagnosed with epilepsy. Researchers emphasized dog owners should be cautious of the quality of CBD products they administer their pups to ensure the best results and prevent seizures.

4. Pain

CBD oil stops inflammation and reduces widespread pain throughout your dog’s body.

Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant-like abilities. They can reduce flare-ups throughout your dog’s body and clear out inflamed cells.

CBD soothes cell receptors to trigger the dog’s brain to experience fewer pain symptoms. It changes the message being relayed to the brain, so your pup doesn’t fixate on the pain and instead, experiences widespread relief.

It’s important for dog owners to understand CBD products alleviate pain symptoms and may be a viable short-term solution if a dog is hurt. However, dog moms and dads should talk to their vet about medical treatments for chronic conditions like arthritis and Lyme’s Disease.

Discover More CBD Products

Dogs are a part of the family, and it’s up to dog moms and dads to help their furry friends live a happy and pain-free life. CBD products eliminate chronic anxiety, discomfort, digestive problems, and can prevent seizures. Overall, CBD for dogs encourages a healthier pet.

When picking out CBD products, choose only high-quality ones. Wellspring is a top-rated CBD supplier that has been featured on Forbes, CNN, USA Today, and People Magazine. Check out our CBD products for pets to pick out the perfect CBD treatment for your furry friend.

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