Product Review: CW Botanicals CBD Drops

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2015
Product Review: CW Botanicals CBD Drops
By now, you've probably heard some mention of Charlotte's Web medical marijuana strain.  Well, CW Botanicals brings you their line of CBD Oil products which are made with CBD extracts from the Charlotte's Web strain of they are all still legal in all 50 states!

But, there's even more to point out with these unique CBD Oil Drops.  Most CBD Oil Drops are made with a hemp oil base.  For years, its been this way.  There have been a few companies who have dabbled in offering other types of oils.  But, now CW Botanicals offers their Charlotte's Web Strain of CBD Hemp Extract for you in an MCT Coconut Oil.  You obviously know of the reported benefits of CBD or you wouldn't be here.  But, there are as many reports of MCT Coconut Oil, too.  The FDA will not let us make any claims, so please feel free to do your own research.  But, just know these CBD drops from CW Botanicals offer the most for our customers.

And, Chocolate Mint.  Yes, that's the flavor.  Who doesn't like Chocolate Mint?

Great tasting and reportedly good for you.  Find out more today.

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